upgrade or new system?

  dirt 12:23 01 Jan 2008

hi all merry xmas, happy new year etc.

my specs are as follows:

nvidia geforce 6800 gs 256mb
amd athlon 64 3700+ 2.2ghz
2.25gb ram
asrock 939 motherboard
xp sp2
hanns g lcd 1440 x 900 w/s

i recently bought cod4 and moh airborne and i know it's time to upgrade.

do i get another 6800 and go sli?
do i upgrade the gpu to a monster?
would upgrading the gpu render the cpu useless?
do i sell this machine and start from scratch?

i have heard that sli sometimes improves performance on a very small scale.

your comments would be greatly appreciated.



  Armchair 12:44 01 Jan 2008

do i get another 6800 and go sli?

No! 6800 is too old now.

do i upgrade the gpu to a monster?

I would. I would get an 8800GT 512MB and be done with it. £170 or thereabouts?

would upgrading the gpu render the cpu useless?

Don't understand this one. That CPU will be a bottleneck to a certain extent, but it's hardly decrepit.

do i sell this machine and start from scratch?

How much do you think you'll get for it?

  dirt 12:54 01 Jan 2008

thanks for the reply armchair.

i wondered if the new graphics card would be wasted because of the lack of processor power.
would the 8800gt be held back by the cpu?

would my processor with an 8800gt be able to push the graphics right up on say call of duty 4?



  citadel 16:27 01 Jan 2008

8800gt is pci express have you got this or agp graphics.

  dirt 16:57 01 Jan 2008

my gpu now is pci express.

i am looking at this at the moment but there seems to be many variables

click here

any thoughts?

  citadel 19:45 01 Jan 2008

some are pre overclocked and cost more, you can overclock the card yourself if you want and save money.

  dirt 20:25 01 Jan 2008

i got this

click here

but it's not in stock yet so have time to rethink if i want.

i went for this because i read up about the fan being very good at keeping the card cool.

what are your thoughts about this?
could you recommend anything else that you think might be a better purchase for the money?

thanks for your replies......i'm getting there!



  dirt 17:39 02 Jan 2008

i think i am now going to cancel the card.
it seems that my processor would bottleneck and the 8800gt would be overkill so i think i'm just going to save up my dosh and start over with a dual or quad system and maybe the 8800gt, maybe sli or see what happens with the new nvidia 9 series.

thanks everyone for your comments



  dirt 11:45 24 Jan 2008

ok hello again thought i'd use this thread, no point in starting a new one.

i got the card (8800gt) and a 550 psu to give it the juice it needs. i thought about building a new rig but can't afford all this upgrading and don't have the time any more so this'll be the last one.

my idea is, as suggested earlier in this posting, that i'll get the very best processor that my motherboard can handle. i believe my choices are the

AMD Opteron UP 185/2.6GHz dual core server CPU socket 939 - OSA185CDBOX

or the

AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core Processor

i believe the first choice is the better out of the two as the latter is hard to get and stupidly priced and the dual core matches the performance of the fx cpu, or close to it.

i could use some feed back on this as this will be my last pc purchase.




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