Upgrade killed my PC

  emmybee 17:11 29 Feb 2004

Six weeks ago I downloaded a BIOS upgrade. It involved saving it onto a floppy and then booting-up with it. I followed the on-screen instructions, but when I restarted all I got was a flashing cursor on a black screen. My PC was dead. My local PC repair expert diagnosed a dead motherboard, and as it is a Medion PC, only a Medion motherboard would fit. I ordered one from Medion UK on January 14th. I'm still waiting..... The moral is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:45 29 Feb 2004

never upgrade unless there is an overwhelming need to. I have rarely seen an overwhelming need. and I suspect most people a), upgrade because it is free and b), have no idea what the upgrade will do or how it will benefit them.


  HXP 19:09 29 Feb 2004


I have upgraded a few PC's but never flashed the bois - mainly because a more skilled user at work did and ended up the same as you, a dead PC. He actually gor a replacement bios chip send to him ( from award I think) installed this and all worked ok.

The reason for flashing a bios is for compatability with newer processors / hardware but unless there is a clear benefit something to be approached with caution.

Point of my comment see if you can get a bios chip the one on my colleagues was a push fit so may be an option for you and not much to lose ?


  PurplePenny 19:28 29 Feb 2004

I had to flash the BIOS to support the size of my hard drive. No problem at all - but I did have fingers firmly crossed. I've also flash upgraded my modem twice, once to V90 and then again to V92. Not such a disaster if it goes wrong and thankfully it went smoothly each time.

There was a guy on eBay selling vouchers for flash-fried-chip repairs. I don't know whether he still sells them on there. You buy the voucher then if something does go wrong you send him the BIOS chip + voucher and he sends it back a couple of days later all ready to go. I thought at first that it seemed like a great idea for a scam - after all the majority of people buying the vouchers would never have cause to use them - but IIRC something convinced me that he was genuine.


  Rayuk 19:51 29 Feb 2004

Sometimes you have to flash the bios because of hardware incompatabilities and cpu upgrades.

Agree most people who buy ready built pcs this is not much of a problem but for self builders it is sometimes nescesary,especially when using latest hardware.

So I would say here is a c) category for enthusiasts/self builders

  davidg_richmond 20:39 29 Feb 2004

flashed three times and not caught out yet.

the police will catch up sometime...

  rickf 20:45 29 Feb 2004

flashed my dvdrw w/o any probs but as said don't do it unless you really need to.

  emmybee 23:35 29 Feb 2004

Thanks, everyone. I did think of getting another bios chip, but decided to wait for the new motherboard initially. However, if I have to wait much longer I'll try that. I've nothing to lose now anyway!

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