Mongo69 14:35 28 Jun 2004

Hi i was wondering if you could help me? i have an evesham pc thats 3 years old my processor is a 1.8 AMD and my motherboard has X4 AGP thing is i want to know if i can play the newest games like Doom3 and Halflife 2 at 1024 x 768. I currently have a radeon 9100 and would an upgrade to the sapphire 9800 pro be good enough? I dont want to spend more than £200 on a card and dont really want to up the processor as im running Windows ME and any more upgrades and maybe it would be better to buy a new computer?
Any help appreciated!!

  fourjays 15:08 28 Jun 2004

Upgrading your card won't necessarily improve the performance. You said you have a 4x AGP slot, which is the older, slower type of slot. Most modern cards now use AGP 8x. They would still work in a 4x, but it wouldn't perform as good in a 4x AGP, as in an AGP 8x slot. You didn't mention whether your AMD CPU was a Duron or Athlon? Anyway, if you are really looking for the ability to play the latest games, it may be an idea to change your mainboard for one with an 8x AGP slot. If you search for the correct board, everything else in your PC, should still work (your cpu, memory, hard drive, etc). Hope I have been of some help.

  Rayuk 17:34 28 Jun 2004

Going from a Radeon9100 to 9800Pro will certainly improve things and you can now get one for about £130-50,but watch out for Sapphire cards as some are 128bit as opposed to 256bit.
eg click here

  Totally-braindead 21:15 28 Jun 2004

Disagree with some of the advice given here I'm afraid, the AGP speed thing, there is not a great deal of difference between a 8x and 4x, you would think that the 8x is twice as fast but this is not the case and its certainly not worth considering a new motherboard for this alone. The Sapphire card has a good rep and as said you should get one for about the £150 mark, if you get the Lite edition its cheaper exactly the same card the only difference is it hasn't got the free games which you may not want anyway. The other things you may need to change is you may need more memory I would say 512mb is about right and you will almost certainly need a new power supply. The reason for the power supply thing, which of course you'll have to check to see what you have, is the new graphics cards need more power and this is not supplied by the AGP slot, they have their own dedicated power supply connector which gets power off the same type of connectors as you use for your hard drives and cdroms.

  carver 21:29 28 Jun 2004

Why don't you wait until these games come out before thinking about buying a new card. As things are nobody even has an idea of the specs you will need to play them and by the time they do appear the price of graphic cards will have come down further. One more point, if your CPU isn't powerful enough you have spent money for no return.

  Totally-braindead 22:07 28 Jun 2004

I musr admit that carver makes a valid point, after I posted above I thought I would go and see what the 2 games you mention actually require but couldn't find any info on them. I know they're not out yet but couldn't even get an idea of what they'll need.

  rickimalone 21:43 01 Jul 2004

Yes PC Gamer only reported a 9% drop in performance in using DirectX 9 8X card in a 4X slot, go for it it will run like a dream

  fourjays 10:13 03 Jul 2004

I wasn't sure how bigger difference about the speed would make (other than it would make some). As for the need for new power because of the graphics card, is not necessarily true. The power connector is needed for the fan on the faster AGP cards. A little GeForce4, doesn't have any power connector as it doesn't have a fan. If your PSU is quite powerful, you shouldn't need to replace it. If you have less than 512Mb memory, I would make it up to 512Mb. I agree with carver and totally braindead, that it is probably best to wait until the games are out, then you can make a better judgement on what you need to upgrade.

  powerless 10:20 03 Jul 2004

Doom and half life 2 are expected before the end of this year.

Current cards Geforce 6800 and Ati x800 card will power them.

But not just the card everythig else has to be ready as well, fast cpu, fast ram.

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