Updating Norton Internet Security 2007

  seamermate 15:26 02 Jan 2008

I'm currently running Norton Internet Security 2007 on my home PC and my 12 month subscription is now obsolete. Should I be purchasing 2008 or is the current software still sufficient for general web browsing.

All my financial matters are completed using a works laptop with fully updated virusscan software.

  citadel 15:36 02 Jan 2008

you can get anothers years subs by paying online or you can uninstall norton and use a free av such as avg. if you want to uninstall norton you need to download a tool from symantec.com that removes it all.

  Clapton is God 15:40 02 Jan 2008

There is absolutely no need for a home user to purchase any PC protection.

There is plenty of perfectly adequate free software available out there.

Try Avast, Windows Defender, Spyware Blaster for starters. I have used all of these for many years without catching any 'nasties'.

A quick trawl around these Forums will give you a good idea of the favourites among PCA members.

  sunny staines 08:30 03 Jan 2008

if you go for norton 2008, there are always half price deals somewhere check pcworld and novatech for their oem norton security.

if you go for free ag or avast run ccleaner after unistall of norton.

  jaritch 08:43 03 Jan 2008

Personally I don't like Norton but if you are keen to stick with them I saw the Internet Security 08 in WH Smith for around £25. At that price probably cheaper than buying another years subscription for your 07 version. As Clapton said you really don't need to pay for security. If you want to though another option is the AVG suite, which has firewall, anti spam, anti-spyware and anti-virus for around £25 for 2 year license.

  xania 14:18 03 Jan 2008

Its a matter of opinion whether to go free or paid - frankly, I prefer to pay, and have in fact just picked up a 3-licence Internet Sec from Ebay for £30 - that's £10 per PC.

  birdface 10:23 04 Jan 2008

Its a matter of opinion whither to go free or pay.Even if Norton was free I still would not use it.I am afraid Norton is one of those programs that you either Hate or like if it came to a vote I believe Norton would get fewer than 50% of that vote.To me not the % that would make me use it.In my opinion there are are plenty of freebies out there that do as good a job if not better.So why pay.At the moment you can get Avg pro free for a year well worth a try.Once again only my opinion.And like others have said if you are quite happy with it shop around you should get it for £25 or less.

  Kenneth-266656 13:24 05 Jan 2008

I chose to upgrade to 2008 at my last subscription renewal - wish to God I hadn't. Its working O.K. now after more emails of complaint than I care to remember but still wants to take over the computer and scan whenever it feels like it. I'm letting this sub. run out and then I'm ditching it,

  sunny staines 14:05 05 Jan 2008

my wife has nis2008, you can control it how you want, eg schedule scans, control the firewall and other settings. the only option i would not recommend is the extra norton spam protection its hopeless. most readers here prefer AVG or Avast I am the minority since nis 2007 it has improved greatly. in the end its down to what you like after looking at the various options for and against.

  seamermate 11:35 07 Jan 2008

Thanks all...I've gone for the AVG and Windows defender...all appears OK

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