Updating my address book ,is it a scam!

  steves100 11:48 19 Feb 2005

Has anyone come across this site before click here. Have received two emails from contacts in the past week asking me to update there address book at this site. Having a suspicious nature I contacted them for more info. Both of them had not deliberately sent the email but had received the same email and had added there details to this site.
So my question, is this a scam to get all your personal detail or a genuine site.

  quack 12:54 19 Feb 2005

You can't really be serious when you expect others on this forum to follow links to possibly dodgy websites. Can you?

  steves100 13:00 19 Feb 2005

so sorry just read my note had not noticed that the site address had been replaced by a click here try this bebo.com have now removed the www. so you can read the name of the site.

  gudgulf 13:13 19 Feb 2005

I've found a few articles on the web about this click here seems to give the best account of bebo.com

  gudgulf 13:15 19 Feb 2005

Oh and for any "click here" ,if you hover your mouse pointer over it you will see the URL it is directing you to.Thats what I do ,then google the site to see if there is any info on it.

  €dstowe 13:49 19 Feb 2005

Genuine or not, don't give anything away without absolute certainty that you want to.

  Fellsider 13:02 20 Feb 2005

Being suspicious myself, it looks to be a bit dodgy to me.

You could always see if they have a contact e-mail address, enter that and they'll finish up sending themselves e-mails!!

  Magik ®© 13:46 20 Feb 2005

good grief. i got the same thing this week, when i read it, it looked like it was from my ex neighbour, so i started to fill it in, then the brain kicked in, and i deleted it all...

  Border View 11:40 21 Feb 2005

Got similar e-mail about three weeks ago. Smelled iffy so just deleted it.

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