Update on NTL Broadband...billing problems

  geoff47 19:32 20 Feb 2003

As some of you might remember I signed up for NTL broadband...am now in second billing month.
Was advised by guy on phone when ordering 128k at a pound less than BT dial up,to go for 600k and get free installation and a free webcam and just down grade after the first month....thats the outline.Expected a bill of £24.99 plus adjustment for part month...got a bill for £86.28.Apparently they agreed to credit my account for the £50 install fee so correcting the problem.This month by e mail notification I am to expect a bill of £45.82...I am now trying to contact them yet again......the broadband is brilliant....shame about the service?

  furry curry muncher 22:07 20 Feb 2003

NTL billing is a laugh, I upgraded to BB two months ago and cancelled my dial up with them, yet im still being charged my monthly dial up fee, ive already called them once and they said it would be credited back, a month down the line and it still isn't. So have to spend my weekend on the phone to them asking them whats going on, come on NTL sort your billing out!!!!

  Andsome 08:58 21 Feb 2003

[email protected] is the chief executive.

  geoff47 22:54 21 Feb 2003

Thanks Andsome will dash off an E mail this very instant....Have sent a heavy letter or two today on the way to work...hope for the best reply,while expecting the worst.
Keeping my fingers crossed and my toes and my eyes,would pray if I was religious....sorry to bring the tone down for you christians,just my humour.

  Andsome 08:11 22 Feb 2003

If Stephen Carter is not in the office for a few days try [email protected] he works in the chief executive officers office.

  geoff47 22:13 22 Feb 2003

May have had a breakthrough....fingers crossed.
Same man,Alan,who I spoke to the other day and who promised to phone back actually did....told me he had traced the problem to duplicate depts. billing me for the same thing.Admitted there had been a cockup and apologised.The first bill was in fact wrong and the amount taken would be refunded by cheque,but the latest bill was correct for the time since I started with NTL.
He also said he would be monitoring my account in the future for any irregularities.And they havn't got my nasty snail mail yet,and wouldn't have had the chance to respond to my email.Keeping everything crossed again.Thanks for the addresses
Andsome,will keep them on file for future reference.

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