Unreliable AOL

  crazyj 13:43 24 Oct 2005


My Grandad has AOL broadband and quite often his connection just stops working for a amount of time and the modem says it is 'training'. This morning I was surfing the web when ths happened so i came off the internet. About 15minutes later someone rang us and when i picked up the phone reciever the web connection came back. I lost the connection a few minutes later so i just picked up the phone reciever and put it back down and then it worked again this has happened once more since and picking up the reciever solved the problem. Dose anyone know what has caused the problem, how it can be permenently solved or if they have had a similar experience.

Thanks in advance.

  crazyj 14:31 24 Oct 2005

*also my grandad has contacted AOL many times and they cannot/will not sort out the problem.

  pj123 14:58 24 Oct 2005

Not heard of that before. Only thing I can think of is: How many telephone sockets are there in the house (extensions). If more than one, is there a micro filter in all of them?

  crazyj 15:15 24 Oct 2005

There is a microfilter on all of the phone sockets

  Diemmess 17:04 24 Oct 2005

In asking this Aol supply 3 of these filters, and I needed a fourth .... I bought one which looks like a splitter, was neater looking and cheaper than the BT item.

When the system didn't work properly, I put the BT filter back on the master socket from where I took the RJ11 connection and put the 'foreigner' into the phone by the computer.....No more bother.

  crazyj 19:47 24 Oct 2005

He only has one phone socket which has a microfilter built into it. When he complained about the problem to AOL they sent BT to sort it out so they fitted this socket to the wall that splits the line and has a microfilter built into it. Both wires are in the correct holes as i have checked this myself.

  Diemmess 20:22 24 Oct 2005

BT have visited,.... and only ONE phone socket,.... seems to have ruled out all the obvious things, leaving only guesses.

Even so, it must be a hardware/connection problem and not Aol's fault.

Please forgive the check list for including things which though simple still could be wrong. The symptoms imply a periodic break in the line or upset through RF interference which has come through in spite of the filter.

Have a real investigative look at the Rj11 lead from the filter to the Voyager modem. Make sure that BT did actually install a microfilter with the replaced socket. Is any part of the outfit close to a mains thermostat, time switch or heavy current device. If you are not using the supplied yellow lead is the new one very much longer?

Look in Start > Programs > "BT Voyager 105 ADSL Modem" > Configure, and run the tests shown there

Lastly, check with BT that you are not too far away from the local exchange and that they expect you to be able to use Broadband from that number.

  crazyj 20:55 24 Oct 2005

BT installed a socket with 2 holes in it with pictures above both they are PC and Phone. It has a microfilter built into the one for the phone and i geuss nothing on the PC one. What i can't understand is what triggers the loss of connection there seems to be no pattern, somtimes it works fine for a week before cutting out other times you log on and five minuutes later it disconnects.

Thanks for all of your suggestions so far

  Diemmess 09:19 25 Oct 2005

Thanks for the detail. It sounds like the correct fixed outlet has been fitted, and provided the connections plugged into it are the right ones (hard to do that wrongly ! ) then it should be exactly as specified. Your BB connection is either picking up some unfiltered "noise" or the signal itself is too weak.

Murphy's Law just might have interfered.... Suppose the new socket is only a splitter to allow both BT and American type leads --- but has no filter?

It won't do any harm to plug one of the Aol filters into the telephone socket and your Rj11 lead into that. If it is wrong it will merely make things worse, but at least you will have ruled "Murphy" out!

Also do carry out the Voyager modem test described in last night's post

  crazyj 19:52 25 Oct 2005

Ok I shall probobly be going over there later this week and i will check all of the cables, run the test and put a spare micro filter in the plug.
Thanks very much for all of your help.

  amonra 20:55 25 Oct 2005

I've got the same problem, modem goes out of sync for no apparent reason. Ring the home phone from my mobile, fault clears after one or two rings. It's due to a bad connection somewhere on the BT line but it's almost impossible to trace being so intermittent. You can try reporting it to BT but normally their testing clear any intermittent faults on the line. A home visit from a BT engineer that doesn't find a fault is EXPENSIVE ! So put up with it until the fault becomes more frequent. Sorry to be so negative but I speak from experience.

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