Unproductive phone call still charged for

  Graham. 09:38 23 Jul 2009

When I call my dentist, I often get the message 'Reception is very busy right now, please call later'. Of course, I have been charged for each of these calls.

Do you think the Office of Fair Trading or Trading Standards would raise an eyebrow at such a phone system?

  tullie 09:49 23 Jul 2009


  OTT_Buzzard 09:50 23 Jul 2009

I think they'd care if you were being billed £1/min and the asnwer pphone message was 5 minutes long. Other than that....

  interzone55 09:53 23 Jul 2009

I think you should complain to the dentist rather than the OFT, because it's the dentist who seems to be unable to provide proper staffing levels to cope with customer demand...

  BT 16:38 23 Jul 2009

I'd sooner get a message like that than be kept on hold listening to inane music for ages and getting charged even more. Even more preferable is just an engaged tone which means I'm not being charged anything.

  spuds 19:13 23 Jul 2009

I thought that it was part of modern day telecommunications to hear the " We are sorry, but all our agents are busy. Please hold on for the next available agent, as your call is important to us". I would suspect more so on an 0870 number :O((

Strange really, when some companies want to sell you something, you might well find that its an 0800 number, and then after a more expensive mode for customer communication.

  Kevscar1 19:21 23 Jul 2009

In those circumstance I use,

click here

  dagbladet 20:29 23 Jul 2009

I sympathise. I pay £10 a month for internet access (inc landline) and every now and again I go on a forum board only to find someone has posted something inane and frankly pointless. I must call the OFT and see if they're busy.

  Border View 22:54 23 Jul 2009

Uncalled for and a pointless post from you. A constructive response would have been more helpful.

  dagbladet 07:46 24 Jul 2009


I disagree that my post was pointless. The point of my post was to point out that in my opinion, whether you agree with it or not, the opening post was inane and pointless. I welcome any challenge to my view. In respect of a constructive response to the original question asked, I believe it was implied in my response. However, if it is too subtly hidden i'll make it clearer.


  interzone55 08:56 24 Jul 2009

I totally agree.

every time you call someone and get their answering machine you are charged for the connection whether you leave a message or not - do you try to recoup the charge from them, or report them to ofcom?

No I thought not...

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