Unlucky with purchases

  shizzy 21:49 25 Jan 2004

According to recent postings some people cannot understand how unlucky others always seem to be when buying goods, computer or otherwise.We decided last night to buy another digital camera ready for the snow that should reach us this week.Only living in a small town we have just one large electrical store open on Sundays. I checked the website and found the chosen camera. Rang the store before going to make sure they had one in stock, was told the sytem said they had three. We went down within the hour, salesperson aknowleged we had rung and set about finding the cameras. After 30mins the bad news was they had none and no we couldn't have the display model at a reduced price as it was a current one.He could order one if we wished!!! I will post the reply to my email if I get one! The name of the store as well whatever the result.

  The Spires 23:42 25 Jan 2004

It depends on whether you feel an item out of stock is the end of the world or just a part of life. People make mistakes & on minor not near death experiences accepting that humans are imperfect makes the difference between lucky & unlucky people.

  Stuartli 09:09 26 Jan 2004

A store that is unlikely to remain in business for long if this example is typical.....

You could have ordered online (even on a Sunday) from a choice of outlets and almost certainly have had it delivered on the Tuesday; the same outcome would be achieved if you ordered on a Monday.

Did you not at least insist that your travelling expenses be met for your futile journey?

  wee eddie 20:41 26 Jan 2004

Each Company's systems update themselves in different ways.

3 common systems are: Direct from tills, Hourly, Daily.

Which ever of these was operating, the operator could have been right at the time he spoke to you.

Had you asked for one to be put aside for you, there would have been some substance to your grouse, but you have not mentioned such a request and no company is going to refuse a sale on the basis of an earlier telephoned enquiry.

  Stuartli 09:22 27 Jan 2004

Are you going to have us believe that one "small town" shop could sell THREE examples of the same type of digital camera within the hour - or even daily for that matter?

  josie mayhem 10:34 27 Jan 2004

You could have ordered on-line! sunday and recieved tuesday!

Humm, depends who you're talking about, I've orded a dvd-rewriter + digicam, on a thursday, today wednesday it's in transit sent out yesterday. You might think that is a reasonable deliverly time, until you realise between the thursday that I ordered, and recieveing my order either today or tomorrow, there been 3 thursday's.

So has you can imagine, I'm not really a happy bunny! Luckly I orderd in plenty of time to when I really wanted the items, but it cut close to my dead lines, and if I get any problems with it in transit or being faulty when I recieve it, I am not going be impressed with the notion of internet shoppig (1st proper order) Fingers crossed!

  wee eddie 10:41 27 Jan 2004

Just that, depending upon how often the system updated itself and the length of time since the last Stocktaking, a host of potential inaccuracies can exist.

Had shizzy asked for one to be put aside, there would have been a breach of faith, but no more than that.

  oresome 21:45 27 Jan 2004

The Argos method of reserving an item for the day is a good idea and avoids a wasted journey. I've actually arrived at a store to be told they were out of stock. I pointed out the reserve number, which the assistant had missed and sure enough, they had one reserved for me. So the system works.

  shizzy 22:27 27 Jan 2004

I received an email back today from CURRYS with an apology . I also rang the store yesterday first thing in case they had found the missing cameras.I spoke to someone who sounded in charge and who seemed to think they had the cameras in stock.After the time wasted on Sunday I asked if he would ring back when he found them,but after about an hour the news was, no cameras.I again ask about the display model and no we couldn't have it but he could probably get one to the store later or tomorrow (which was today) If this was the case why not let us have the one off the shelf. It is a small town and on Sunday we were there well within an hour of ringing.At least they didn't try to make out they had sold them. We went to the next town and got one yesterday. A Nikon Coolpix 2100 Very pleased with it apart from after ignoring the instructions eventually got the connection to the computer.Thanks for your opinions.

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