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  prima12 19:52 16 Jan 2009

Hi all, I was given an LG KP 235 mobile for Christmas and as it was a different operator (Orange) than my existing phone (T-Mobile) I thought I would get it unlocked and continue with my existing company. I looked on the internet and found a company called 'Unlock Search' which if I paid £2.99 + vat via PayPal, it would give me a code, and tell me how to unlock my LG phone. What I got was this information 1. Unlock Report (stating the phone make, model and operator)
2. What is unlocking. 3. Why unlock. 4.How to to unlock. The only problem is it doesn't tell you how to unlock the phone, only different options of how it could be done. It seems that they have a nice little scam going on here, promising an unlock code that they don't give you, so please be warned, this is only the 2nd time I have been caught with this type of scam, but now I will be EXTRA vigilant. The company again click here P.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:38 16 Jan 2009

Lame advertising /yawn


  MAT ALAN 20:58 16 Jan 2009

Lame advertising /yawn Jumped the gun a bit there GANDALF <|:-)>

the post clearly states that this site is a scam and to be avoided...

  tullie 22:19 16 Jan 2009

Not like Gandalf to jump the gun lol

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:21 16 Jan 2009

lame advertising on the site not the thread /yawn


  tullie 22:53 16 Jan 2009

What advertising?Yawn

  MAT ALAN 22:55 16 Jan 2009

Just had a quick look shabby to say the least...

Good spot G.

We all know GANDALF <|:-)> and how he works, good job too if we where all the same with the same ideas, it would be rather boring, jumping the gun seems Gs not the only one, shoulda looked at the post first...

sorry mate...

  birdface 08:06 17 Jan 2009

Obvious question have you tried a different sim card in it to see if it will work.I bought the wife a new phone for Xmas and it takes any sim card.So some phones come already open.

  bjh 16:02 17 Jan 2009

I entered a random 15 digit for my IMEI, chose a Nokia and made up a DD345 (there isn't one is there - they make so many), and was told " report available".... Changed to LG, leave DD345 name alone ... still got a personalised report for my invented phone!!!

Not even clever enough to filter out rubbish names.

  pcmags 10:45 18 Jan 2009

It works with 15 zeros!

  Confab 12:55 18 Jan 2009

You could try to get your money back. This might help

click here

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