unknown devices in device manager?

  theDarkness 18:55 03 Jun 2009

In device manager on my desktop pc (start>run>devmgmt.msc) I have 2 unknown devices:

ATM Network Controller
Base System Device

both of these are listed in location
"PCI Slot 2 (PCI Bus 0, device 10, function 1)"
"PCI Slot 2 (PCI Bus 0, device 10, function 0)"

If they are likely to be for the same device, I cannot work out what, as I have nothing on my system that I have installed new, and everything is currently working ok, aside from the fact that my pc has started to crash once in a while (no viruses!)

could these device issues be causing the problem? I have tried working out what device they are for, but am stuck. the only PCI cards I have are sound card and modem, but they are all connected and installed ok. am i forgetting something? no installed disc I insert (eg for either of the latter) helps me sort the problem, including my xp disc. thanks for any hints if possible, or if my constant crashing could be related or not. I am not on the internet on the desktop, and have not installed anything new at all.

  Terry Brown 20:39 03 Jun 2009

I believe the ATM Network controller is the internet connector for your machine to a local network; and I presume the 'Base system device' is also part of the system.

just because you are not on the Internet, it does not mean the hardware is not active.

This link may give you a clue, but without machine specifics, it only a guide to your problem.
click here

  theDarkness 12:45 04 Jun 2009

thanks! after i had reinstalled xp, i did not realise that my broadband modem was still connected to the pc. What i am confused about is why i only started to get messages asking to find the relevant drivers for it now.. I had reinstalled a fair while back and nothing telling me it needed to search back then. Right now i have no net, so only connecting via mobile phone attached to my pc. I have now removed my broadband modem and no problems found now in device manager. My pc since needing to find these missing components, around the same time, has frozen up at least once a week. How likely is it that missing drivers for a connected to motherboard pci broadband modem could cause my system to freeze up at least once a week? Sounds unlikely but the unknown devices issue in device manager happened around about the same time?

  theDarkness 12:52 04 Jun 2009

Ps the freeze is literal.. my mouse stops moving and my keyboard will not light up at all. Sounded like a failing hd until i received notification about the missing components. My hd is working 100% until it freezes, and i have had a freeze when the pc is sitting idle, not always using the processor to the max. A pci card unknown to the computer requesting drivers sounds unlikely that couldve been the cause, but at least i know now that the unknown device was in fact my broadband modem

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