Uninteruptible Power Supplies

  anskyber 14:10 08 Feb 2008

I recently suffered from some serious PC instability following a rapid on/off of my electricity supply which was repeated three times in quick order.

I have now bought an uninteruptible power supply and my mind is a lot more at ease. I have done a search on the PCA site but could not find any recent reviews of UPs's for the home user.

Any thoughts or experiences for others who may use one?

  HondaMan 14:18 08 Feb 2008

"I have now bought an uninteruptible psu"

At this stage, I wouldn't look for any reviews as you will likely be discontent with your purchase. As the saying goes, "you've made your bed, now lie in it!"

  amonra 14:19 08 Feb 2008

I cant vouch for any particular make, but the main points of a UPS are :-

1) Get a bigger battery than the one supplied.
2) Change the battery every 18 months/2 years
3) Test it every friday night after you've backed up your data. At the first sign of a hiccup, check the connections and change the battery !

People buy these things, stick them under the desk and forget about them. They are invaluable but need some TLC.
Good luck.

  anskyber 14:29 08 Feb 2008

No I'm very happy thank you, as I said in my original post it's more for the others who may not as yet have one.

  Mike D 14:52 08 Feb 2008

I use an APC SmartUPs for the server at work. It's 5 and a bit years old and I have just had to replace the batteries. It literally saves our bacon every week as our electricity supply is variable, to say the least. If I watch the UPS for any length of time (I know, it's a strange pasttime) I will see the supply go below the acceptable level and well above and the ups kicks in and out as needed. The batteries would probably have lasted longer if the supply wasn't so rubbish. For replacement batteries I have found this company excellent:
UPS Systems plc,
Charnham Street,
HUNGERFORD, Berkshire RG17 0EJ

  Totally-braindead 14:52 08 Feb 2008

Hopefully the FE will comment as he got one last year was it? And therefore must know something about them.

I don't have one myself as I've never had an electricity problem so have no advice or tips at all. Funny you should mention UPS though as the latest Novatech newsletter is advertising them from £41.35 up to £103.39 for Trust ones. I didn't even know that Trust made them.

  anskyber 14:58 08 Feb 2008

My own is a Belkin, it has three outputs for the UPS together with a further single output for surge control. Phone line protection is also offered.

I have not installed the software but it does exist to bring the connected equipment to a switch off situation if it is need and you may not be there to do it manually. Clever stuff really.

  Kemistri 17:49 08 Feb 2008

I use a Belkin, too. I have done so for a few years and I have been very glad of it.

Re: Anskyber's comment about the software. As long as you use a USB connection between the tower and UPS, Windows Power Management will do whatever you want it to do in response to a chosen battery level - exactly the same as a notebook. Mine hibernates at 50% if left unattended.

  Kemistri 17:50 08 Feb 2008

Typo - should be 30%.

  wiz-king 18:08 08 Feb 2008

Mine are mainly redundant now. We have had a new mains supply installed from a new sub-station and daily power cuts and low voltage or worse over voltages are a thing of the past. I have 700W UPSs on each computer and larger ones on the fax machine, telephone PABX and on the two servers. Batteries are tested each month and replaced when needed, 2 - 3 years seems normal.

  wee eddie 18:13 08 Feb 2008

but cannot remember anything more than a passing reference to UPS's.

At the back of my mind, I seem to remember asking FE to consider a full length article sometime in the early years of the Millennium and something about a lack of Review Models. We had had a Power Cable severed nearby and my PC had naturally crashed.

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