Uninterrupted Power Supply Success Story.....

  Big L 266 14:42 08 Jan 2011


Just thought this worth a mention.

The other day here in Spalding we had a power cut and thankfully Bessie my computer was in 'sleep' mode. On the return of power,Bessie was very slow and sluggish to start up but she did and all was well.

Thanks to the good people in here,I was able to get a known-brand backup UPS system at a very reasonable rate from a well-known online store.It duly arrived on Friday.I charged it up for 16 hours as per instructions and connected it today Saturday.

Given this unit weighs a lot and has 8x3 pin standard domestic plug sockets (4 for UPS/surge protection and 4 for surge protection only),I followed the instructions to completion and all was ok.

After registering the product and getting an update to download,and then installing and setting the software itself,I thought the only way to try this is to turn it off from the mains and see it in action.With a great deal of intrepidation (not to mention the backache bending down), I flicked the switch and guess what?

My computer, printer, screen and modem all stayed on and functioned brilliantly! I left it like this for around 5 minutes and carried on working as though I still had mains power. Then I switched it back on with mains supply taking over again.

I can't really afford the money I paid,but I can't afford to have a ruined computer either.So I bit the bullet and am ultimately pleased with the UPS. I'll wager we'll not have a power cut again here in Spalding for years to come now.I hope its my last big purchase for Bessie now.

Thought you'd like to read this modest success story.

Big L 266

  Woolwell 15:06 08 Jan 2011

Good news.

  ukpostcode 15:34 08 Jan 2011

We use them at work but mainly to give us up to an hour to shut down all the servers correctly and for our users & clients not to loose any data.

  wee eddie 18:21 08 Jan 2011

I believe that you need to replace their 'internal' batteries every 3 years, or so.

  Woolwell 18:49 08 Jan 2011

I've had my UPS for 4 years and have not had to replace the batteries. It passes the self-test.

  wee eddie 19:57 08 Jan 2011
  finerty 11:55 09 Jan 2011

Big L i would be grateful if you could tell which backup UPS system you are using, i had power cut on Friday 7th January here in Harrow London.

A couple of properties along my street were affected started around 5pm and restored around 7pm

many thanks

  wee eddie 12:16 09 Jan 2011

Such a system saves your PC from the "Spike" that occurs when the Current is restored.

So I'm told. (That means "I don't really know, for sure")

  Big L 266 13:29 09 Jan 2011


finerty....I sympathise with you and the power cut you had.I eventually got an APC Back-UPS ES700G.It has 8 power outlets,a phone/fax/dsl and/or network protection with auto-shutdown software.It has a 700VA/405 Watts capacity and all sockets are surge protected.I have installed the software and configured it for my needs.I know it works because I turned the mains supply off after charging it for 16 hours prior to use. It has standard three pin plugs and was easy to set up.It does weigh a fair bit!I bought it from Misco on a next-day delivery and it cost around £90.Their website also has quite a few photos of the product which helped me settle for this one.I hope it'll help.

wee eddie....Its a great product for sure,and thankfully it has surge protection. The software was easy enough to configure making it a bonus especially as you can select the parameters on which it works. Its a very impressive item and I don't work for either APS nor Misco!

All the best.

Big L 266

  Big L 266 13:35 09 Jan 2011



I forgot the link.

click here

Big L 266

  uk-wizard 15:24 09 Jan 2011

All the PCs and servers have them at work and home. I also have one on the PABX at work as the phones wont work if the power is off, the only thing I have not got them on is the laser printers as their peak load is too high for a small UPS. I test each one with a load every year and automatically replace the batteries at the end of the 4th year.
The poor one at home has the PC, screen, ink-jet printer, desk lamp and router on it - that's a 125VA load.

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