Unhappy with Evesham after-sales service

  Fire on Board 00:53 19 Nov 2006

When I decided earlier this year to buy a new PC, I chose Evesham because of their generally good reputation for customer service. On this occasion, though, I feel I was badly let down.

I had a variety of problems with the new PC from the time it was delivered and installed. To cut a long story short, Evesham eventually replaced a faulty CD/DVD drive and also the hard disc under the terms of their on-site warranty. But they were not prepared to do this, or even to come out and look at the PC, until I had gone to the expense of obtaining confirmation of a hardware problem from an independent engineer. They then refused to refund the independent engineer's fee (less than £50) or even the cost of my many phone calls to their premium rate support line.

Over the telephone they had suggested trying a number of things to resolve the problems, but eventually said there was nothing else they could do. This was when I felt I had no alternative but to seek help from an independent engineer. When the Evesham engineer did then come out (ie after the independent engineer had diagnosed a hardware problem), he was able to confirm a hardware fault within minutes by (as far as I could tell) looking at the error messages retained in the PC's log.

In my last email to Evesham, I asked them to pass my concerns to one of their senior managers. I even made it clear to them that at this stage I was no longer asking for a refund of the independent engineer's fee - I just wanted an acknowledgement that I had been let down in terms of after-sales service. They said they would escalate my email, but six weeks later I have yet to receive any further response.

The most disappointing aspect of this whole affair is that the PC is now working well, and I have no doubts that Evesham sell quality products. I just feel that - in my case at least - they are let down by a poor after-sales service.

  Pamy 12:07 19 Nov 2006

A letter,the old way to the Managing director, I find usually gets results

  spuds 12:30 19 Nov 2006

Looking at the remarks made, something is totally wrong here. It is not for you to provide an independent engineers report. Under consumer law, within the first six months, it is for the manufacturer (in this case) to prove that the the item 'was fit for the purpose'. After six months, it is still covered by consumer law, to have manufacturing faults put right.

Considering that the Evesham appointed engineer, replaced parts, then you have a very strong case for a complete refund. But as I previously stated, something doesn't seem to be correct, as to why Evesham took the stance, and you having to get an independent engineer's report.

Your rights, and information on how to communicate with Evesham, contact Consumer Direct click here

  Jimmy14 12:31 19 Nov 2006

Vale Park
WR11 1TD

  realist 12:46 19 Nov 2006

I would recommend you email support@evesham.com with a link to this thread and follow up with a formal letter.

  Southernboy 16:41 19 Nov 2006

the requirement for the Engineers report was because you wanted an on-site repair? It is my understanding that, where the cause of a fault cannot be precisely defined, they require the PC to be returned to base, which is not unreasonable.

If you insist upon an on-site repair, then surely the onus is on you to identify the cause of the problem. I do not think that Evesham have been unreasonable here, although, perhaps, it could have been handled more diplomatically.

  Fire on Board 19:12 19 Nov 2006

Thanks for your comments. I have tried to see this from Evesham's perspective, ie if they come out whenever there is a problem which cannot be precisely diagnosed then they risk going beyond the terms of their warranty.
But the impression I had was that the hardware problem was not difficult to diagnose and - I suspect - could have been diagnosed over the phone by someone asking me the right questions. Either way, even though I don't agree with everything that Southernboy says, I think there is common ground between us that they could have handled things better. On a pure customer service point, if you tell an unhappy customer that you will escalate a complaint to a higher level, it is only sensible then to make sure the customer gets a further response!

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