Under Warranty Faulty TV - whose responsibility?

  Border View 23:20 06 Feb 2008

Eleven months ago my sister purchased a Samsung LCD HD Ready television from Curry’s. About two weeks ago it developed a problem. She contacted Curry’s only to be told that she would have to speak to Samsung direct.

This she did. When she told Samsung details of the problem their first reaction was that it was her Sky box. She advised them that the Sky box worked perfectly through her DVD player. They then said it was her HDMI cable. So she went out and purchased a top of the range HDMI cable. The new expensive HDMI cable was fitted and the problem still persists. When she got back on to Samsung they said it could not possibly be the television but equipment she was using.

Now Currys wont accept responsibility saying its Samsungs responsibility. Samsung are saying its nothing to do with them.

Can anyone please advise her specific rights in this matter. The television is still under guarantee. Is it not Curry’s responsibility to repair/replace the television?

Your help would be much appreciated. She is going back to Curry’s tomorrow and would like to have the right information regarding her rights and to knows where she stands when speaking with Curry’s representative.

I look forward to hearing from you.


  spuds 23:55 06 Feb 2008

Manufacturers usually provide an additional warranty, at their own discretion, they do not have to provide this. Consumer law usually states that within the first six months, the onus is on the retailer to prove the item was of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose. After the first six months the customer would have to provide evidence that the item was not fit for the purpose or of satisfactory quality.

In the case of goods like televisions, retailers usually advice the customer to perhaps contact the manufacturer for repairs and service, as this may be the quickest way in obtaining replacements or repairs. But only do this with the agreed approval of the retailer. The customer is not obliged to take this route of action. If Currys have suggested that they are not responsible, then I would suggest that contact with Consumer Direct click here would be advisable before proceeding further.

  wjrt 23:56 06 Feb 2008

click here
see what they say and you will have the info to deal with the problem

  Border View 23:59 06 Feb 2008

Many thanks for responding and giving that link. Will advise her to telephone Consumer Direct tomorrow.

  laurie53 07:24 07 Feb 2008

The retailer, always the retailer.

  Arnie 18:53 07 Feb 2008

“They then said it was her HDMI cable. So she went out and purchased a top of the range HDMI cable.
The new expensive HDMI cable was fitted and the problem still persists.”

Why was money wasted on another ‘expensive’ HDMI cable?
I’m sure Currys would have checked the cable by substitution on one of their sets. After all, your sister bought the set from them.
I might add here, that unless the HDMI cable is 10 to 15 metres in length or more, you will see no appreciable difference in picture quality with a cheap cable fitted and probably not even then.
You also don’t need a gold plated contact cable.

At the moment we seem to be in a gold plated frenzy.
The way things are going, manufacturers will be gold plating the brass pins on 3 pin mains plugs!

Unfortunately, it is difficult for equipment manufacturers to advise with technical problems unless one has a reasonable understanding of their feedback help.

What is the general nature of the fault?
Does the set perform OK with all external scart leads disconnected?
Does the ‘fault’ clear when the set is connected to a good aerial and then switched to analogue mode?

  Border View 23:15 07 Feb 2008

Hello Arnie - thank you for responding. I shall forward your comments to my sister and get her response.

Will come back to the Forum in due course.

Again thank you for responding.


  Arnie 00:45 08 Feb 2008

That's OK.

Just another thought: If you, or someone you know has a digital camera, you could take some pictures of the on screen fault condition/s and show them to one of the technically minded staff at Currys.

Ask if they would be happy to view a picture like those shown.

Also, if your sister has only another month to run before the guarantee runs out, something needs to be clarified post haste.


  waltjabsco 00:00 10 Feb 2008

What was the fault (what are the symptoms)?

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