Unable to Contact/Comunicate with Force 9

  Giggle n' Bits 09:54 22 Sep 2006

I want to cancel my Broadband account with Force 9 (PlusNet Group) I have sent the request using their member centre software wizard as your suppose to but I am not getting any reply/satisfaction.

I have called all three numbers and none of them are relevent for cancilation of a Premier Broadband account. They are just automated lines and then disconnect you are unable to speak with anyone in Customer service or technical.

I feel my only option would be to withhold payment to make them force my broadband to be dissabled then I can contact Bt Wholsale to pull the marker. If you have followed my other posts they are in breach of their Terms & Conditions for a number of things so I feel I am in the right they are in the wrong.

My main concern again is I am unable to make any contact with them to cancel my broadband what can I do please ?

Yep, I have filled in complaint to Ofcom.

  pj123 10:11 22 Sep 2006

I notice Force9 have a Discussion Forum?

Perhaps you could try asking for help/info in there as well?

  SANTOS7 10:12 22 Sep 2006

Patience may have to prevail here cancelling any payments,if for some reason they are unaware of your request, may constitute a breach of agreement, keep contacting them i am sure they will reply..

  Giggle n' Bits 10:39 22 Sep 2006

but I feel support is a ghost office/room and one is their. I am not the only Force 9 customer with the same problem but no one has got a soloution yet.

I may be in breach of my contract but they breached there's like sending out my emial address for the account, my alternate email address my username and password for my account to 7000 other account users, this breach of their Data Protection section 19.

Then they lost a email server and took a number of my comunication emials with it as well as others. See "The Register"

There terms also state if they are unable to fix a ongoing problem with a service they will release the customer. This also they have failed to uphold. My problems have being going on since June this year. I joined them in March or May this year.

Before joining I contated them to see if they use this LLU thing and they replied they have no plans in the near future. a few weeks later and bang! they put me on LLU like wanadoo problems its goes AWOL. or near with problems connecting, disconections, drop out etc. The emial service is so unreliable also.

Yep the forums they have. Will have a look, been there already.

My main concern is ok, if I update my card details they will just keep talking payment monthly but when I have reuqested to cancel they ignore my request and still take my money.

The reason I am not updating card details to to hopefully get them to call me perosnally as they have that resource and I should also be able to vice vesa.


  Giggle n' Bits 11:02 22 Sep 2006

to cancel I used the cancellation option. I feel the Force 9 people are not acting on my request.

Shurely I would expect a; we have recieved your reuqest, or this will take x number of weeks etc.

  Input Overload 11:48 22 Sep 2006

Write to them via Special Delivery.

  HondaMan 12:01 22 Sep 2006

Following your thread, I was concerned as doubtless were many others, so I contacted Force9 and got this reply:

"Username xxxxxxxxxxxx

We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support Centre has now returned Question number [ xxxxxxxx ] to yourself.

The following comment was added to the Question Dear Mr Xxxxxxxx, We do not accept cancellations over the phone, if you need to cancel your account you should raise a ticket as you have done.

If you need to contact us and select the correct options you will get through, i.e. if you have a fault and are unable to connect then call and choose the options to say that you cannot connect. This will then place you in a que to speak with somebody.

Kind Regards,
Gary Beardshaw"

Hope that clarifies it. BTW their response took 7 minutes.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:09 22 Sep 2006

When I call the line goes dead, very unhelpfull. I see you say you have to get the correct menu to get a result (in words) so they make it a little bit harder like a game press the wrong option then you out.

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