Unable to communicate with pipex

  Dannyb 11:15 02 Feb 2003

I have been trying to pre-register with pipex for their xtreme solo2go broadband service for nearly two weeks. Everytime I complete their online form and send it I get the message "Pre-registration System Failure please try again later" I have tried that loads of times now and so tried to email their webmaster as it says to do if unable to pre-register. Still awaiting a reply to my email sent 10 days ago. Tried ringing the number they also give (0845 077 2537) but only get the mesaage that "my call cannot be taken and you cannot leave a message, please call again later" done that loads of times as well. Still no good. Those of you with pipex, have you any idea what is wrong or is it not worth pursuing?

  MichelleC 11:23 02 Feb 2003

... that's precisely why I moved from pipex to plusnet at home and datanet at work. It's a communications company that can't communicate.

  Dannyb 18:05 02 Feb 2003

How do you find plusnet then? Is it reliable and cheap?

  Stuartli 20:39 02 Feb 2003

I'm sure I've responded to this thread elsewhere but, in a nutshell, Pipex is a top class business and home ISP and has been for 12 years; I've been with it for seven years.

Why not contact it direct from its website at:

click here

through the sales division?

  Dannyb 20:55 02 Feb 2003

Thanks Stuartli, I've now sent an email to their sales people. Here's hoping.

  astra46 23:35 03 Feb 2003

I am also considering pipex broadband. Perhaps other isps will also offer a free modem. Please let us know how you get on. Good luck!

  Dannyb 09:04 04 Feb 2003

Things get worse. I actually managed to get through on the number they give on their website yesterday. Put on hold in queueing system. Somebody eventually answered, and after telling the whole story, switched me to hold to transfer me to another dept. That dept. eventually answered so I repeated the saga, then again, put on hold whilst being transferred to another dept. That dept. too eventually answered and I went through it again, then was immediately told I would be transferred back to the department I originally phoned and put me on hold before I could say anything. Needless to say I then hung up. If this is how they treat a person who is looking to give them business, what on earth will they be like if already a customer and something goes wrong!! I'm going to look for another provider. Any ideas??

  Dannyb 09:07 04 Feb 2003

Forgot to mention, still no response to my emails sent to the webmaster and their sales dept.

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