Ultima OC 8800GTX from OCuk

  Spoony07 19:16 09 Oct 2007

Hiya ladies and gents,

Replacing my current PC with this one click here in the not so long future, I am wondering wether or not its a good bit of business for a gaming freak like myself?

Anyone have this setup? if so could you possibly tell me which soundcard is installed.
Anyone bought from OCuk before? isit a Good company etc.

Would be helpfull if you can possibly help me out here =)


  harps1h 19:29 09 Oct 2007

click here try here, you can configure it as you like

  citadel 22:22 09 Oct 2007

overclockers pc looks very good, no mention of sound card but you can easily add a x-fi extreme gamer later.

  KorgY 01:43 10 Oct 2007

Very Fast. You can't Go SLI though, even if it does have a 8800GTX, You'll have to go ATI/Crossfire for a dual card set up. Also CPU drops to about 3.2 if adding more memory (4 gigs, still extremely fast though!!


  Spog 13:10 18 Mar 2008

Just to let you know we have ordered several things from OCuk, when everything goes ok things are really good but when they go bad they seem to have problem sorting things out.

We ordered some items yesterday for delivery today. The courier they use has made some other deliveries today to us but no sign of our OCuk stuff after a phone call to them we found out they are late on dispatch. We need the items for today for a show tomorrow and will possibly cost us several thousand in lost revenue. All they offered us in refund was 30% off the delivery all we asked for free delivery but will not offer us that.

  GaT7 19:55 18 Mar 2008

With the Antec Nine Hundred case it comes to ~£950.

You can save about £130-140 if you build the exact same spec yourself & overclock the CPU with help of some guides out there. G

  Rigga 20:33 18 Mar 2008

I have recently purchased an Ultima OC 8800GT system from OC and couldn't be more pleased.

Well apart from the fact that the case should have go faster stripes, and a spoiler, it's got so much Neon :(

The system is quiet and v.fast I ordered the extra 2 gig memory, so it's only over clocked at 3.1Ghz not 3.3Ghz.

I have built many a system in the past for both myself and other clients, but all in all the extra I paid was worth the no hassle approach to getting a very fast system.

I would recommend them.


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