UKOnline broadband

  bowl 22:15 14 May 2005

Hi does anybody know anything about UKOnline as is seen in the July PC Advisor thanks

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:26 14 May 2005

I used to work for a company, based in the same building in Shepton Mallet, but on the floors above, making electronic equipment for tv companies!

  bowl 22:46 14 May 2005

Thanks Mr Mistoffelees but do you know if their Broadband service is any good

  Stuartli 18:37 15 May 2005

A former work colleague was with UKOnline in the mid-1990s so its been around for quite a while.

  bowl 23:16 15 May 2005

Thanks Stuartli

I think I will leave it open for a bit in case anybody comes up with anything else


  ajm 23:35 15 May 2005

A colleague of mind just moved to UKOnline 8mb broadband service about 3-4 weeks ago. He migrated from another ISP. Minimal downtime. However, on the day the 8MB was supposed to be avtive, tests revealed that his download speeds were less than 1/2 MB. One phone call the following morning and the problem was resolved.
So far he is happy.

  pj123 13:48 16 May 2005

A bit more info here:

click here

  jack 14:22 16 May 2005

UK Online is part of EasyNet and and Easynet has installed in certain BT exchanges its own special equipment.
where this is so ypu can get the cheapo 512k service.

The rub is not many exhanges have it.

So you must go through the motions of getting UKOliner to check your exchange out and tell you Yea or Nay.
From there though its a pretty good tenners worth
I only wish my exchange was one of the lucky ones.

  bowl 22:04 16 May 2005

Thanks every one it seems if you can get it it is a fairly good deal


  royboxer 07:40 19 May 2005

Uk online should be renamed. I've been on their website and apart from 4 exchanges in Edinburgh, you can only get this service in England. None in Wales none in Northern Ireland.

  bowl 23:01 19 May 2005

So it might not be as good as it seems then

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