UK Online 8MB service

  Admiral Allstar 13:23 23 Apr 2005

I currently have 512kb ADSL service from Plusnet. I have been with them for about 2 and a half years on this service. However, at £18.99 it is a bit pricey for today's offers.

UK Online are offering an 8mb service on my exchange for £29.99

Do any forum members have any experience of UK Online - either good or bad?


  Stuartli 13:32 23 Apr 2005

UKOnline has been around for a long time and appears to have a good reputation.

Are you sure that you can pick up the service? It's apparently only available to a select few at present.

Tiscali offers 512kbps for £15.99 with a 30GB cap and 1Mbps for the same price but with a 2GB cap (enough for the average user).

Compare that to the price I saw in Tesco this morning for its 521kbps unlimited service of £19.97.

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:27 23 Apr 2005

More speed please!

If an 8Mbps service were available on my local exchange for £29.99 or less I would be using it.

  Admiral Allstar 16:04 23 Apr 2005


Yes, I have checked that 8mb is available in my area (Kingsland Green exchange in London).

I am more interested in UK Online as a provider - are they good service providers. I would like to hear good and bad points (with the rough date to see if they are getting better/worse).

  jack 11:53 24 Apr 2005

I have UKOline as prepaid dial up absolutely
nothing to write about - No problems what so ever for past 3 years or so[my be longer I'm getting long in the tooth]
My only regret is the that my local exchange is not equipped with the 'lulu?' kit and cannot get the
BB for a Tenner offer.
If UK online are reading this- please fittup Dartford soon

  wiz-king 16:23 24 Apr 2005

I have been useing them for over 5 years, on dialup, cant get the BB as I am too far from an exchange to get any BB! No probs in the 5 years that a quick e-mail could not fix. The help line is good and replys to e-mails promptly, the only time that I had to call them back was with a ex-networked computer that I was trying to connect via an ISDN line (if I had read the instructions on the ISDN modem I would have known it wouldnt work!)

  Admiral Allstar 19:57 24 Apr 2005

Thanks everyone for input. Having read some other reviews I am going to order it. Will let you know when it's up and running.


  georgemac © 20:23 24 Apr 2005

click here the tiscali 1 mbps with 2 Gbyte cap does not look too good, especially when they also offer for £19.99 per month a 2 mbps with 15 Gbyte cap - that is a very competitive deal. I may go for that when my year is up with wanadoo.

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