talkways 03:03 14 Feb 2012

I bought a scanner from a company name uk-computers

This scanner says it is wired but when I got parcel, wire is not included. I called the customer services same day but instead of resolving this matter she advice me to write an email from the order page. Once I done that after two days they said wire does not come with it. and they pointed me to the other page to buy wire for another £18. Not Recommended at all.

Now they are not returning the item as it is more than 7 days. Can I report it to Trading Stadard as in the description, they haven't mentioned anything that wire is not included. They are mis selling the item with incomplete information.

Please advice and share your experience about this company. Am I the only unlucky one?

  talkways 03:05 14 Feb 2012
  carver 06:09 14 Feb 2012

Is this the bar code reader you bought car code reader if it is then it clearly states that it is wired.

So there is no reason why you should have to pay extra for a wire to make it work, inform them that you have printed the page and intend to take the matter to trading standards to get the matter resolved if they are not willing to supply the cable or refund the money.

  AlanHo 09:45 14 Feb 2012

On the Motorola website - the USB connection cable is listed as an accessory.

  angusrjy1 09:50 14 Feb 2012

I am one of the directors here at and I take these matters seriously.

May I point your attention to the fact that the product description state's that it is a wired scanner but dos not state that you get the connecting cable with it or what type of wired scanner it is as there are many options to connect a wired barcode scanner: Serial, USB and PS/2 (PC Keyboard wedge) for instance. If it was a wired USB scanner then it would say this and you would get the USB cable but you failed to check the product description or enquire with us what type of wired scanner it was. If it shipped with all these different cables then you would be paying more for the scanner as a whole rather than for just the cable you actually need.

Wherever you bought this model of scanner from you would not get a cable with it as this is how the manufacturer ships the product from the factory, not us. I can offer to ship you the cable carriage free at our cost but you will still have to pay for the specific cable you need I'm afraid.

  xania 10:45 14 Feb 2012

If you got the item in a box with all other parts and a quick start manual, then you should havew a list of what should be in the box. If the cable is not listed, then you need to get it separately. I seem to remember that this was an issue with serial printers many years ago. Unless it says specifically that a cable is included, assume that it is not.

IMHO, the fact that it says it is wired merely means that you need a wired connection as opposed to a wireless one - it does not necessarily mean that the required wire is included. However, it might be worth looking at the Motorola web site to find out exactly what should be in the box.

  frybluff 13:43 14 Feb 2012

Certainly agree description is a bit "vague". Whether Trading Standards would regard it as "misleading", is a mute point.

I seem to remember there was a similar issue, a few years ago, over the term "Battery Powered". Those are now described as, for instance "Requires 2x AA batteries (not included)"

  Input Overload 18:21 14 Feb 2012

Me: I check reviews on a company 'before' I buy, you have broken PCA rules by saying avoid. Google or even Bing a company first.

'If' though you were my customer & you asked nicely & I don't know if you did or not? I would have posted you a wire as a gift as you can get them trade for 50p or so. If you had been rude no wire would have been forthcoming, maybe?

@'angusrjy1', you may be technically in the right here but whether it's a good way to run a businesses remains to be seen. I have a shed full of assorted USB leads & you must have too. I too run my own business & deal with customers every day who may not always be in the right but sometimes it's worth keeping them happy - I think.

  wee eddie 18:57 14 Feb 2012

I assume that there are, basically, two types of Bar Code Reader. Wired and Wireless.

It would be necessary for the Seller to define which of those types it was but, I cannot see why you should expect the Cable, as someone ordering a Wired Bar Code Reader will, most likely, already have the rest of the necessary Hardware.

  carver 09:01 15 Feb 2012

angusrjy1 I have never bought a bar-code scanner before and to be honest your web site is a bit misleading, good cheap products but rather vague about product description and accessories needed for it.

I now have been onto a few other sites and every one has drop down boxes for accessories to the scanner clearly showing cables are needed to complete the item.

Extract taken from initial posting " I called the customer services same day but instead of resolving this matter she advice me to write an email from the order page."

Your customer service needs sorting if this is to be believed, why didn't she sort it out straight away it and if she couldn't and it took 2 days to reply to an e-mail why do you expect Joe Blogs to understand your website.

  AlanHo 10:49 15 Feb 2012

Having regard to the circumstances, I consider it unfair on the supplier for the title of this thread to remain as it is.

There may well be an argument about whether the website is absolutely clear regarding the exclusion of cables - but I have looked at several other suppliers sites and they are no different.

People scanning the list of threads will only see the title - and it is totally unjust.

Is the FE prepared to do some editing?

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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