U-Lead MovieFactory 4

  geedad 20:48 15 May 2005

Newly purchased software called"U-Lead MovieMaker 4"
This software works in the main,fine, but one thing I can't get to work is the TV capture. When in that part of the program, I can actually see the TV, but the problem is that it is distorted. I have read their user manual but it is a little bare on this subject.
Also, and I am very disappointed, is that U-Lead e-mail support is almost non-existent. It seems that my first e-mail to them was read and replied to by someone who completely misunderstood my query! Although I replied to try to clarify my original query, there has been nothing forthcoming for days and days and day................................!
Can any user of this software help, please.

  tenplus1 22:16 15 May 2005

Check the click here site for any updates for your MovieFactory 4 program...

They might have some driver updates or something for tv cards in specific...

  geedad 22:24 27 May 2005

tenplus 1
Thanks for your help. I have finally resolved this problem by the company agreeing a refund. However, I shall not purchase their products in future. Their support email service was useless, and it cost me 0.60 pence per minute, plus a call to Germany to get it sorted out. A sad reflection on a big company, but a good lesson for me!

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