Typical TIME tosh!!

  cthooli 23:47 15 Jan 2004

Well once again my Time laptop has broken again! I know i know please dont post saying its ur fault for going the cheap route I KNOW! the thing thats really got me this time is that the same part has broken as last time! Last time i admit i may have been a bit heavy handed which resulted in the power pin and its mouting snapping off and being pushed beyond reach into the laptop casing. Time said it wasnt covered by the three year warrenty as it was Force majorue, or somthing like that. I've posted on here before and someone explained that it meant i had hit it to hard. Well they replaced the whole mother board, whipped the hard drive (then told me they were going to wipe it) charged me 370 quid for parts and labour and sent it back! Okay i'm, overthat now so i had been especailly carefull with it! So you can imagine my horrer/annoyance/dismay when i went to pull out the power cable (gently......at first) so i could put my LAPtop on my LAP and run off battery power so i didnt twist the power cable. So when the power cable refused to budge i spent about 15 mins gently coaxing it out gently and careflly, then when i tried to pull it out, with normal amoubt of force it did. Only to find that it had takent the actual power pin out wiht it! GREAT!! After managing toi get the pin out of the power plug i looked in only to see that the casing had broken again! so after this PHD worthy essay the main question, do i have less rights cause this problem has happened before. Or do i have more rights over them cause they fixed it under six months ago!! (ps also the CD drive hasnt worked for three months and i've been meaning to send it back but havent got round to it.........) (pps oh the left mouse button hasnt worked properly for aobut a month, only clicks once in every ten clicsk!) thanks for your time, the email for that Chris bloke from time would be good too so i can forward this link to him! Thanks for your time and i look forward to hearing from you!!


pps phew tired fingers!!

  bvw in bristol 00:10 16 Jan 2004
  DieSse 00:41 16 Jan 2004

Force majeure = an event that cannot be readily anticipated eg a war, act of terrorism, etc.

It DOESN'T mean you broke it because you were heavy handed - that would probably be classed as mistreatment.

  March Hare 10:51 17 Jan 2004

I would say that if the same item has broken a second time, after you were as gentle as you say, it sounds like a clear case of inadequate design or materials. You would have a good case under consumer legislation for demanding a refund or free replacement as it is not suitable for purpose. Some of the legal eagles on this forum will be able to confirm that, I'm sure.

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