Typhoon blows in again at Lidl....

  Stuartli 13:08 24 Feb 2003

Just for those who may be interested, Lidl is offering some Typohoon computer peripherals from Thursday.

They include the Typhoon cordless multifunctional keyboard with 33 direct hot keys, scroll wheel and front wrist pad plus cordless optical five button scroll mouse; this has compatatibilty from Win95 to XP and is rechargeable through the USB lead. Price £34.99.

There's also a three button optical scroll mouse at £5.99 and an active 4 in 1 USB hub at £7.99

  Goldcroft 14:53 24 Feb 2003

Experts out there please. Can these be any good at these prices?

  Stuartli 15:01 24 Feb 2003

I have the Typhoon Navigator wireless keyboard and mouse (£19.99 at Lidl about three months ago) which is excellent and has a dozen hot keys.

It's also badged as a Trust version but this was £20 dearer at Staples around that time.

The great majority of computer peripherals etc are rebadged products - the trick is knowing who they are made by and who rebadges them as the rebadged versions are often cheaper.

An example are Plextor rewriters which are or have been rebadged by TDK and Lite-On amongst others and which work out cheaper than the original manufacturer.

Specifications and warranty are normally exactly the same.

  rickf 15:15 24 Feb 2003

The Trust version of the said keyboard and mouse is £29.99 at Staples. Thought this might be useful although I haven't seen the Typhoon ones yet for comparison.

  Stuartli 19:03 24 Feb 2003

In the case of the Navigator they are exactly the same.

There's obviously a factory in China churning them out for a range of manufacturers who rebadge them under their own name; as I stated, this is common practice and a vast range of computer related items are produced in China and Taiwan.

Even your BT phone is probably of Chinese manufacture.

  Goldcroft 22:22 24 Feb 2003

Yes Stuartli. If you look at my posting re connection problems which i believe is due to the Decor 210 BT phone on the bottom of it is stamped "Made in China". Manufacturers switch to exploit the cheapest possible labour. Taiwan, Indonesia, India you name it they've tried it and often then moved on again. Believe it's called the global economy. Who knows, Made in the UK may come round again. My Mesh's "manufacturer" is quoted as Scotland. How many of its components have been is almost certainly zero. Put together in Scotland is probably more accurate.

  Tenner 16:29 27 Feb 2003

Just bought a 4 in 1 hub - can't speak technically ( when could I ever ? ) but it seems very well constructed for £7.99.

Worth a look


  Tenner 11:28 02 Mar 2003

Istalling this hub with XP caused horrendous clashes, empty folders etc., but re-booting settled it down to become fully operational now, I think /hope !


  nogga 20:03 03 Mar 2003

on offer for £19.99 at my local Lidl are 2 satellite speakers, a subwoofer with a seperate amplifier and the sound is excellent.

  TLzook 23:54 03 Mar 2003

he,he,he... just got the cordless rechargeable optical 5 button mouse before spotting this post. a veritable bargain at £14.99, really nice piece of kit with a good scroll action i.e. not a sloppy piece of cr*p, chuffed since thats less than half the price of elsewhere, if they come in again get one!

  accord 07:46 04 Mar 2003


Your Mesh monitor is made by NEC which, I beleive, has a manufacturing facility in Scotland.

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