Two printers one pc

  Smokeyone 18:43 07 Feb 2003

Just a quick question please, if I purchase a second printer is it just a case of also buying an adapter to double up on the plug in port on my pc
and then installing the software for the new machine.



  bremner 18:54 07 Feb 2003

As most new printers have USB connectivity if you have a spare USB port and suitable O/S then that may be a better route.

  €dstow 19:05 07 Feb 2003

I have a machine with four physical printers and two virtual printers (fax and pdf writer) attached.

They all work completely independently.


  Lone Crow 20:52 07 Feb 2003

If you are connecting via parallel port then you either need two parallel ports on your PC or an external switching box - approx £25, incl necessary leads. If you are connecting via USB (or one printer is parallel and one USB) then you don't need anything more than the spare ports on the PC to plug them into (or a USB expansion hub). Once both printers are installed, one of them will be set as the DEFAULT printer and every time you print something the PC will try to send it to that printer automatically. However, you get a chance to change your choice to the other printer via the Print dialogue box, so you have full choice between the two - IF they each have a separate port. If you use an external printer-sharing switch you would also have to manually switch to the selected printer to ensure your print commands are sent to the right one! Incidentally, this question should really have been popsted in the Helproom, where more of the 'techie' people would see it! Cheers. LC.

  Smokeyone 06:22 08 Feb 2003

Thanks for the advice. Apologies for posting in wrong section - I will move over there.



  dobberman50 08:58 08 Feb 2003

I have two printers connected via two parallel ports, it works fine in windows 98 and millenium, but the second port is not recognised with xp

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