two PC's from PCworld both unreliable..

  sharpy05 16:42 25 Jul 2005

I bought a Advent T9303 back in march this year, all went fine for the first month when the engineed come out, needed a new memory module and DVD rewriter. 6 weeks down the line the hard drive packs up so goes back to PCworld for a new one.... 2 days later it plays up again so i ask for a rufund "cant do that sir can only give u another PC from the store" the manager says, now i have a very dodgy packard bell 6800 SLI thats playing up, i have only had it 4 days now! Am i entitled to a full refund even if im on a credit agreement?if so how should i go about it?

  pj123 18:16 25 Jul 2005

Although I am not setting up a boycott here I must say that I (personally) would not buy anything from PC World.

  Forum Editor 19:13 25 Jul 2005

I buy from PC World myself,on behalf of clients, and I send other clients there when they ask for a recommendation.

Every single computer supplier - bar none - has dissatisfied customers, and the retailers that are likely to attract the most attention are the ones which sell the biggest volume. The Dixon group is the UK's largest retailer of consumer electronics - they're a big target.

PC World is far from being a retail saint - they have been guilty of some appalling customer service blunders in the past, but millions of people shop there quite happily, without any problems at all.

If your new Packard Bell machine is faulty then you are entitled to reject it as not fit. The fact that you're on a credit agreement does not alter your consumer rights.

  spuds 20:04 25 Jul 2005

You have a stronger case for action if the credit agreement if for that particular computer, under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The loan company as equal responsibility to help in getting your problem solved.If the PC World or the manager will not resolve the problem, then contact the loan company immediately.Whatever you do, do not stop any payments on the agreement.

  zincy 03:25 26 Jul 2005

i have recommended some friends for the advent brand and they found it value for money and not had many problems. maybe this was just bad luck?

  Acehole 08:05 26 Jul 2005

I have made many purchases from pc world, had no problems with them at all, any faulty equipment they have replaced there and then without any question, even refunds on equipment have been made straight away. if i paid cash they gave me the cash back

  HondaMan 09:47 26 Jul 2005

Look here
click here

  Q-Bie 11:21 26 Jul 2005

When you say the 6800 is playing up, it's not the graphics card is it?

Packard Bell seem to have made an amazing blunder and on some of these SLI machines have put non SLI certified drivers on them..

Download the latest drivers from click here, it may help.

  sharpy05 18:18 26 Jul 2005

dont get me wrong the advent was a brilliant machine but i had a new hard drive instaled new memory module and DVD rewriter and a week after the hard drive was instaled i kept getting blue error screens an recovering from serious errors continuously. now this packard bell does not like shutting down it crashes when it shuts down then i have to unplug everything that is plugged in an reset for 30 seconds.. i hope this just a bit of bad luck and it runs out very soon! thanks for the replys i shall get on to PC world within the next few days.

  wee eddie 18:56 26 Jul 2005

The title of this thread appears to be totally unjustified.

PCW have not been at fault in any way, although 2 PCs that they sold, have developed faults, sharpy05 does not appear to have given PCW any chance to rectify them.

What's the problem.

Now if you had been down there and they had given you a flea in your ear, there would have been a reason for complaint as these PCs are specially made for the Dixons Group.

But as it is, a couple of third party components have failed. What's news.

  Gaz 25 13:08 27 Jul 2005

I buy some things from PC world, cuz they can be cheap, and some offers are great.

However, I prefer to build than buy from PC world say.

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