TV....Switching off terrestrial signal

  muscic lover 13:26 21 May 2007

Is it true that the normal terrestrial TV signal will be switched off soon and we will have to buy a new TV... Or is there a 'device' we can plug in to enable us us to use our old TV's to use this new TV system - digital i think??

Let me know

Thanks a bundle!

  oldbeefer2 13:45 21 May 2007

This should help. click here
Freevew boxes now down to £20 a time.

  amonra 13:45 21 May 2007

The big "Switch-Off" is not starting until 2009 at the earliest.
Your existing analogue TV will still work if you buy a Digibox which gives you about 30+ channels on Freeview. In fact, it's worth buying one NOW and get things set up ready for the changeover. Ask your local dealer what freeview reception is like in your neighbourhood.

  donki 13:53 21 May 2007

All you need is either Sky, NTL or the little set top boxes for around £50. Id say Sky will have some good offers for the smallest packages they offer. U dont need a whole new TV unless u want to buy one.

  Stuartli 17:48 21 May 2007

Details of the switchover from analogue to digital transmissions is provided at:

click here

As has already been pointed out if you wish to keep your comparatively new analogue TV set, a Freeview set top box is all that is required.

Unless you have a true digital only TV set, a Freeview set top box converts the digital transmissions back to analogue so that they can still be watched.

This accounts for the slight delay if you are watching a terrestial TV transmission and can see the Freeview equivalent on another analogue TV set - the latter has to first convert the digital signal converted back to analogue.

When the digital switchover happens in your area the transmissions will be relayed at a higher level, so the Freeview reception problems in certain areas is likely to be minimised.

  oresome 18:38 21 May 2007

I believe that Whitehaven has already changed to digital.

Another point to remember is that post switchover the analogue tuners in VCR's and some DVD recorders will no longer function, meaning that watching one programme while recording another and timed recordings will both be problematic.

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