tv/monitor or should I buy freeview etc pci cards

  kelemvor 22:12 23 Oct 2008

Hi guys,

I'm looking to build a pc in the next few weeks but am a bit unsure what to do or the display. I want a monitor that I can run my ps2 thru (and ps3 when I eventually get one), it would also be pretty cool if I could watch freeview too.

So, do I go for a tv/monitor with all sorts of ports and built in free view or should I get a good dvi/hdmi monitor and buy a freeview pci card? I can always buy a ps3 in future if I can't get a scart/rgb to dvi (or hdmi) convertor lead for using my ps2. I basically want to run everything thru it :0)

I'd be grateful for your thoughts/ideas - maybe you can suggest a different solution.


  Stuartli 14:45 24 Oct 2008

A good Freeview PCI TV card (fed with a decent signal) and quality monitor will, IMHO, best fit the bill.

Far better than using a TV as a monitor.

  tigertop2 17:26 24 Oct 2008

Stuartli is right. I would only add do go for a card rather than a USB dongle as any reception problems I have had have been associted with USB devices rather than cards

  kelemvor 18:13 24 Oct 2008

I had seen that both LG and Samsung are offering combo screens and thought that they may be a good idea, but it does make more sense I guess to buy cards - at least I can swap them out if they break - no can do with tv/monitor.

Do any of you know of any monitors that may at least have rgb connectors? - would love to pipe my ps2 thru it


  kelemvor 18:19 24 Oct 2008

I meant s-video/av port not rgb

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