TV Tuners and TV out

  Henrik Ibsen 19:30 14 Jul 2005

I am thinking of buying a graphics card with a TV out but no TV tuner. From what I can tell, TV tuners can be a pain. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to use my PC as a second TV with this card? Will I have to buy any additional hardware/software?

  Henrik Ibsen 19:31 14 Jul 2005

And what the devil is 'over-clocking'?

  TomJerry 21:30 14 Jul 2005

if you want monitor as TV, you need a TV turner card.

It is very very easy to install and set up if you can use screw driver. Better to get a digital (freeview) turner card because quality is much better, but you need good TV ariel, external one is better.

Over-clock is "over-clock". Make a 3GHz rated CPU works at frequency higher than 3ghz, e.g. 3.4 or 4.0GHz.

  Pooke 21:31 14 Jul 2005

you'll need something to decode the tv signal, you can't just stick a tv aerial in.

Erm and overclocking is adjusting settings to increase the speed of the processor for example. Say you have a 2 gig processor, you can fiddle with the PC so as it runs faster that it should.

This is a practice only for experts or fools, as a result the hardware can be unstable and the life of the hardware will be shortened.


  Pooke 21:35 14 Jul 2005

"you'll need something to decode the tv signal, you can't just stick a tv aerial in."

Disregard that, I miss read the first part of the screaming in background.

Take TomJerry's advise it's better than mine :D


  Stuartli 22:32 14 Jul 2005

You can only use your monitor as a PC if you have a TV card either in internal (PCI) or external (USB) form or a mixture of a graphics card and TV tuner such as the ATI All-in-Wonder card.

You might be confusing the TV out of a graphics card with genuine TV - however, it means you can watch, for instance, a game you are playing on your system on a TV set rather than the monitor, perhaps because it's a larger screen.

So your basic surmise of the card you require is correct, but you only require a graphics card with a TV out socket. It will almost certainly come with a suitable RCA phono/audio lead to enable you to connect it to a TV.

  Henrik Ibsen 10:17 15 Jul 2005

OK, thanks. So I'll need a TV card to get my monitor to act as a TV. That's the info I needed ;) Thanks for everyone's help!

  Stuartli 13:37 15 Jul 2005

The TwinHan VisionPlus DTV-ter from click here is a first class Freeview internal PCI TV card that's also quite a bit cheaper than other brands.

Full details of the card at:

click here
(£35 plus VAT).

It has EPG, personal video recorder facilities, remote control etc but no TV Out.

I've now got the D + A version (Digital + Analogue for both terrestial and digital terrestial TV and radio) but unfortunately, unlike the DTV-ter, it doesn't use the excellent TwinHan software application (also apparently used by Hauppauge).

Instead, until TwinHan sorts things out in the next month or so, it only comes with Cyberlink's PowerCinema application and is not very clever TV use wise. It does feature all the DTV-ter features.

However, it can also be used to view and record outputs from a video cassette recorder, games console, movies and pictures and, if required, allow them to be burned to CD or DVD media.

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