tv speakers cut off

  benrymnd 14:31 02 Nov 2010

I need to connect a cable via the speaker jack plug on my sony tv without cutting the tv speakers off is there a way to set this up

  961 14:38 02 Nov 2010

Probably not, from my experience with my Sony tv in using headphones for myself while leaving the tv speakers on

The way I eventually did it was to take the headphone feed from my av amplifier which did allow the headphones to run with the amplifier sound turned down

  BRYNIT 15:49 02 Nov 2010

What are you trying to connect to your TV?

  benrymnd 19:36 02 Nov 2010

I have a cochlear implant and the unit that sits behind my ear has an adaptor cable that plugs into tv headphone socket and then connects to the unit behind my ear allowing me to listen to the television

  BRYNIT 20:37 02 Nov 2010

If you TV has audio out (red/white phono sockets) and your unit has a 3.5mm jack socket you could try 3.5mm Jack To 2 x RCA Phono Audio Cable click here this I think should allow the sound to still come out of the TV speakers.

  morddwyd 20:52 02 Nov 2010

Use a headphone amplifier

click here

Totally independent of the headphone socket and has independent volume control.

I have two and can recommend them

  v1asco 00:36 03 Nov 2010

Which model do you have? Some Sony models have the option to leave the speakers on.

  benrymnd 19:41 03 Nov 2010

The tv is sony KDL32S3000,Thanks brynit and morddwyd for the links,another suggestion has been to buy a fairly cheap pair of speakers and a splitter connecting both my appliant cable and the speakers to the splitter would this work.
Regards Ray

  v1asco 06:38 04 Nov 2010

I have tried to download and copy the manual but my internet connection is slow, when I did finally get it it disapeared but not before I managed a quick look.

I also have Bravia and leave my headphones permanently connected with speaker sound on.

On page 23 of the manual I downloaded there are 2 options to select from the sound menu. The first one is the one you need, something like 'TV speaker on', if you select the second option it will cut off your speakers if you are using surround sound, headphones etc.

I hope this helps, I am out of the uk at the moment and can't remember what model I have but it was the latest purchased 2008.

  benrymnd 21:18 05 Nov 2010

HAD a reply from sony cannot alter any settings to allow the use of the headphone socket with cutting off tv speakers.would like to try useing a splitter and external speakers with my attachment both plugged into the splitter will this work.
regards ray

  v1asco 07:09 06 Nov 2010

Tnat's a shame, it's a very useful feature to be able to use both speakers and headphones. I wonder why Sony havedon it on my model but not others. I am curious, did you try my suggestion above (Sony help has got it wrong in the past).

Brynit has suggested using a phono lead to min-plug connection. This is probably the best option, and off the top of my head I cannot see why it will not work. You will however need one of these gender changers click here
at a price of £1.41 and the same site will give you 3.5mm to phono click here similar to Brynits link.

So, for about a fiver your problem should be solved.

I must point out I am an amatuer with all this, but it seems good to me.

If your headphone jack is 2.5mm then adaptors are available.

Alos if you have a Maplin nearby, they are very helpful and can supply you with the lot. Just take your cable in and they will do the rest.

Good luck

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