TV-out card

  zincy 11:39 16 Jan 2005


i have 2 questions. The first is does it matter which graphics card i get in terms of the quality of the tv-out? My budget is about £30-40 and only want a good tv-out card. i want one with dual monitor support and with s-video out. Any suggestions?

My second question is that will the length of the pc-tv cable affect the quality? i need a cable between 15m-20m as my pc is upstairs and tv is downstairs?

many thanks

  Stuartli 15:20 16 Jan 2005

You are probably thinking of a PCI TV Card with TV Out - best known names include Hauppauge, Aver, Expert etc.

Best allrounder is a digital terrestial TV/Radio version (Freeview) such as the one I have, a Twinhan VisionPlus Ter; however it doesn't have TV out despite also being HDTV compatible, recording facilities, EPG, Preview etc...:-)

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Some TV Out equipped alternatives include:

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Reviews of some cards (plus using one with Linux):

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Using such a long cable will probably degrade the signal to some extent - however, some TVs seem to have a higher sensitivity chassis and can handle weaker aerial inputs better.

  josie mayhem 23:10 17 Jan 2005

I have a hauppauge pci card. My computer is at the end of a 25m cable from the main tv socket. To over come any deteration in the signal, I run it through a signal booster (4 outputs, boosted x10 and a gain control price £30) picture is peferfect no problems what so ever.

  zincy 23:26 17 Jan 2005

ok i give that a try


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