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  Bilbe 11:14 18 Nov 2005

I am looking to buy a 19 - 21 Inch LCD television that doubles up to be a monitor for my desktop pc tower. Can you please advice me on what i am looking for to ensure brilliance in both departments, both as a tv and computer screen and as well as should i indeed buy this product or does it work out cheaper and better in the long run to buy them separately? i have around £200 - £400 to spend. Thank You

  Forum Editor 12:22 18 Nov 2005

What you need to do is buy a Computer monitor, and then run a TV card in your computer, so you can watch TV - not the other way around.

Your budget is fine, and you'll have a wide choice of monitors

click here to see some.

  Bilbe 12:32 18 Nov 2005

But i wish to connect my xbox (with xbox live) and surround sound to the television. Therefore i would need a television?

  Carbonara 12:38 18 Nov 2005

My ProView 17" LCD monitor just failed a couple of days ago, went to PC World with a view to getting a 19" LCD monitor. Whilst looking at a Samsung 19" I noticed a 17" Samsung SyncMaster 710MP LCD TV/Monitor. 19" monitor was £189, 17" TV/Monitor was £199. I settled on the TV/Monitor, works perfectly in TV or PC mode. Scart connection allows Terrestrial Digital or Sky Digital feeds.

  Bilbe 12:58 18 Nov 2005

Thank you this is all helpful. I was also wondering what resolution you may think i would need?
If i am goin to spend a considerable amount of money i want to make the right choice, obviously a lcd screen is going to very clear on the watching tele side but as for running the computer through it i have never seen or expierenced this? is there any loss of quality when it comes to using a lcd for both wereas having them seperate?

  Carbonara 13:04 18 Nov 2005

Best way, probably the only way, is to go into a store like PC World or Currys etc. and check them out. You will also be able to view the Specs.

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