TV graphics card v separate card v external tuner

  ManWithHat 00:50 22 Aug 2004

I'm about to replace my PC. As I've looked at possible machines I started wondering about including a TV tuner / PVR capability, which I hadn't had in mind when drawing up my spec.

Any thoughts on the relative merits of a combined graphics & TV card like a Radeon All in Wonder, a dedicated TV card and an external tuner attaching via USB?

Radeon 9800 Pro is roughly the same price option as a 9800 A-i-W SE. How do they (or equivalents) compare on PC graphics?

We don't have digital tv at the moment, and I'm wondering about killing two birds with one stone and getting a freeview compatible tuner.

This is a nice to have rather than a core requirement, so I don't want to go overboard on budget or hinder my main usage.

The machine will be used for some gaming (but more strategy than cutting edge action games - Rome Total War yes, Doom 3 no) and some manipulation of scanned photos (but I won't be going into digital photography until whenever I next replace my slr camera) but otherwise nothing graphics intensive.

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