TV Brackets

  peterleemaxwell 09:17 29 Jun 2008

Looking for a LCD 32" wall mounted bracket. On the high street prices seem high. Looking on the internet prices are a lot cheaper. Then I looked at e=bay the cheapest. Anyone bought one at £14.99 + £10 p.p. from e~bay?

  interzone55 11:39 29 Jun 2008

What you've got to ask yourself is this...

You've spent the best part of a grand on a TV - do you really want to risk it, and anything in it's flight path, by buying a cheap wall mount?

I get this all the time at work, people spend literally tens of thousands of pounds kit, then baulk at spending a few hundred pounds on the proper hardware to mount it to walls.

  €dstowe 11:45 29 Jun 2008

Completely with alan14 on this.

Don't skimp on such an important part of your system.

  peterleemaxwell 12:25 29 Jun 2008

Thanks to you both for your advise. At the end of the day you are right, just trying to save a bob or two.

  SANAP 13:53 29 Jun 2008

have a look at ikea if you can.


  peterleemaxwell 15:39 29 Jun 2008

Thanks SANAP I'll give them a look.

  wiz-king 21:31 29 Jun 2008

If there's a shop near you click here

  peterleemaxwell 22:19 29 Jun 2008

Thanks wiz-king certainly cheaper than the high street but too far away as I live in sunny scunny,

  tullie 09:04 30 Jun 2008

They deliver

  peterleemaxwell 19:47 30 Jun 2008

Thanks for that tullie.

  oresome 20:11 30 Jun 2008

I agree that brackets, like connecting leads and TV stands are priced to recapture the profit margin lost on the big ticket item.

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