Tubular Bells

  Trademark 09:26 22 Apr 2007

The Mail On Sunday Is offering Tubular Bells free this weekend (GB only).
One of the classic albums of all time.

  Forum Editor 10:10 22 Apr 2007

At the time we all thought it was quite wonderful, and it was, for the time.

When I listen to it now I'm afraid I find it rather boring, and slightly pretentious.

I heard Mike Oldfield being interviewed a short while ago - he's working on a new project. He said that when he listens to Tubular Bells now he hears all the errors, and it makes him cringe. Technology has moved on, and he said he would do it all much better now.

  Trademark 12:50 22 Apr 2007

Until today i had never listened to it.
It did however probably make Olfield's reputation in the music business though.

  wee eddie 14:37 22 Apr 2007

Not only: Did Tubular Bells put Mike Oldfield on the map for a remarkably low production cost.

But also: It was, I think, Richard Branson's Virgin Records first "Big Money making" hit. I can even remember the party that they gave to celebrate it's (I cant remember what for sure) 1st Million sales or some-such. Not a hotel job, none of us were rich enough for that, but a shindig on the barge. p.s. I was handing round the small eats, not a guest.

  Armchair 19:05 22 Apr 2007

I almost bought it, but then realised that it was probably a waste of £1.40, lol. I do buy the Mail through the week, but rarely at weekends.

  Totally-braindead 19:07 22 Apr 2007

I still like it. I must be old fashioned or something.

  Pine Man 19:29 22 Apr 2007

Not exactly how I remembered it.

Doesn't it go on!

  Joe R 21:21 22 Apr 2007

Tubular Bells was a big seller in it's day, though I think a big part of it's sales were due to the fact, that it was also the theme tune to "The Exorcist".

  squillary 23:13 22 Apr 2007

It was drivel then and it's drivel now.

On the plus side, I now have a new coaster...

  Forum Editor 07:05 23 Apr 2007

You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but I hardly think something that has sold over 16 million copies qualifies as 'drivel'.

Virgin records has not had another album that has sold anything like that many copies.

  Forum Editor 07:07 23 Apr 2007

Only a very tiny sample was used in "The exorcist".

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