Trying to buy a new PC

  rincelex 19:06 28 Dec 2007

I have been looking at buying a new PC for a couple of months now, I currently have a dell dimension 8100 with ME, before anyone says anything, we have had this computer for nearly 10 years with no problems until about a year ago I tried to load a well known game and when I deinstalled I lost some drivers etc etc etc (it has been going downhill ever since).

The world of PCs is very confusing, I don't know enough to put one together myself confidently and besides it would take me too long, all I want is to go out and buy a package of a screen, keyboard, mouse and tower unit. Each time I think that I have found one I go on to the internet or speak to knowledgeable IT friends and they say ooooooooooooh don't touch that one. I have a budget of £500 which I am informed is more than enough to get a good computer package. Can anyone recommend anything currently on the high street?

Thanks in advance for your help

  CatTrading 19:26 28 Dec 2007

PC World have a sale on & some bargains to be had.

  rincelex 19:27 28 Dec 2007

Thanks CatTrading I did go there yesterday and saw a couple of Packard Bell packages that I liked but again came on here and saw some appalling comments about them so now I have doubts.

  CatTrading 19:54 28 Dec 2007

Well OK PCWorld have at times had poor customer service, but i have helped 2 friends buy from them in the last year and both pc's have had no problems.

Either that or find a small local independant pc shop and see what they will do you a pc package for?

  Kaacee 20:00 28 Dec 2007

I would recommend Cougar Extreme, you have the opportunity to select exactly what you want for the money you want to spend. Very helpful guys on the end of the phone too.

  rincelex 20:06 28 Dec 2007

Sorry CatTrading when I said appalling comments I mean't about Packard Bell PCs not PCWorld.

  rincelex 20:51 28 Dec 2007

OK decided not to read too many reviews as it just confuses the issue.

I have seen a Packard Bell 2422 + 22" Acer widescreen monitor for £499 it seems to have everything that I need so I will go and have a look at it tomorrow. That is of course unless I now get at least 50+ postings telling me not to. lol

  wjrt 20:56 28 Dec 2007

click here

  symphony 21:44 28 Dec 2007

That Packard Bell package with 22" monitor? I went to check it at PC world. I thought the monitor was appalling. Really blurry. You can see the pixels and all the edges are unclear. I'm so glad I didn't snap one up online. Also, I didn't like the look of the pop-down covers on the tower. they look fragile.
After a lot of research I'm probably going for a Cougar computer myself.. Core 2 Duo processor at 2.20 GHZ. 2 Gig RAM 250 GB hard drive, free carriage, under 350 pounds with Vista Premium. I compared them with Novatech (who have a great reputation on here) but for about the same money I can't get a Dual core processor above 1.6 GHZ. Oh, the idea is to get a seperate monitor of my choice rather than a package.
Your 500 budget is the same as my own and this includes a good monitor like a decent Samsung or similar.

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