Trust your,e PC !!!

  comsuppwor 22:27 22 Jul 2003

I,ve been ofline now for sevral week,s ,Nay ,month,s. All because I didn,t listne
to my PC. I had become fed up with FREEZING on ME
and got my little shop on the corner to Fit XP for me.
I,me not to good doing that sort of thing myself.
Got it back,went to go online, and got the message "your,e modems not up to scatch.
Went back to shop with PC.
"Bung me a new modem in mate"Said I.
"Don,t need it" said He,ISP At fault.
Cotact ISP,"Not us" said They "BT Line at fault"
"Not us"said They "Must be your,e PC."
Back to shop,"Extention to long." said He.
After tearing my hair out,took PC back to shop
and begged Him to put a new modem in.
Result back online and Happy again.(Moral)
Listen to your,e PC and not the expert,s.
Bet you if I go back to the shop I,de get
"told you so" A now Happy Little Bunny.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:20 23 Jul 2003



  Gaz 25 00:46 23 Jul 2003

Me with you Gandalf.

  mole44 08:03 23 Jul 2003

and they all lived happy after,lol

Who did?

  rickf 11:50 23 Jul 2003


  Way 1 14:21 23 Jul 2003

I think the person is saying, listen to your pc and not the experts.What he means is another question ????

  comsuppwor 17:48 23 Jul 2003


  Andybear 18:54 23 Jul 2003

Pardon? And there's no need to shout.

  comsuppwor 21:32 25 Jul 2003

I,m a novice with PC,s.
I Held the big key down for capitals and could not get lower case? back.
Sorry I shouted, it wasn,t intended.

  Way 1 22:28 25 Jul 2003

No need to apologise - anybody can make a mistake, especially if you're not familiar with pc etiquette.

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