Trust 280KS cordless keyboard & optical mouse?

  georgemac 08:46 22 Feb 2004

Does anyone have any experience of this product? My son's keyboard is on the blink and needs replacing.

The above is available from lowest on web for £19 including free delivery, and cordless would be a good option for him, especially the mouse.

They also have MS internet keyboard (corded) for £9 inc free delivery, and as this is what I use I know it is a quality keyboard.

They also have MS cordless KB and optical mouse for £34, which looks quite good.

And I've never bought from there, I see it is evesham so I think would be OK?

Baffled as to how they can offer such low prices and free delivery.

  Stuartli 09:56 22 Feb 2004

Trust has rebadged A4Tech's high quality keyboards and mouse products under its own name in the past (Typhoon is another brand that does the same).

You might recognise your particular 280KS model at:

click here

  georgemac 10:07 22 Feb 2004

does not look like any of the a-tech products there - unless it is an older model.

the mouse shape looks a little unconventional, that's why I'm wondering about it.

May just go for the corded MS internet keyboard and get a separate cordless optical mouse.

don't know if this link to the products will work click here

  [email protected] 10:28 22 Feb 2004

georgemac what stuartli says is true I have used trust for some time & I find it is very good simple just means changing batteries fairly frequently about 1 per 3 months or less depends on usage

  Stuartli 11:03 22 Feb 2004

This is the link:
click here

Trust commonly rebadges its products - digital cameras have come from Minton Optical of Taiwan for instance - but my Typhoon wireless keyboard and mouse (A4Tech rebranded) cost just £19.99 at Lidl and Trust's equivalent was twice that price at Staples at the time...:-)

Quite often rebranded products cost more, however, than the original version.

Rebranding is quite normal in the computer industry (Medion is a classic example) as no manufacturer can produce absolutely everything it sells.

Even your CD-R and similar media is only produced by a small number of manufacturers worldwide and then a large proportion of it rebranded by the top names.

The key in this case - as with any product - is to find out who makes what and who rebrands it, so that you know you are getting good quality.

  Stuartli 11:06 22 Feb 2004

This is the link I posted above:

click here

  georgemac 11:13 22 Feb 2004

I saw you post about your typhoon keyboard yesterday, so I went to my nearest Lidl (20 miles but was making the journey for another reason anyway) but they had no keyboards at all.

I have just visited the trust website and see that it is a wired keyboard and wireless mouse, so that will probably lead me to go for the MS keyboard and another mouse.

Just searching for typhoon products now.

  georgemac 11:46 22 Feb 2004

click here typhoon wireless set £28 which is an a-tech product definitely

savastore have this atech 'a' shape wireless keyboard & mouse keyboard for £23 inc delivery, is this anything like yours? click here

  georgemac 07:52 23 Feb 2004

I decided to go for a wired keyboard and will get a separate wireless optical mouse, and have ordered a MS internet keyboard from lowest on web as I know it is a quality component.

The trust product was tempting but the mouse looked a little funny.

I was very tempted to go for the A4Tech 'A' type keyboard and mouse, but do not know if this is beneficial to a standard keyboard. I was tempted because of Stuartli's praise of their quality, it's a pity there is not a wider choice of suppliers of their products in the UK.

  Stuartli 09:13 23 Feb 2004

It's 18 months since I bought my Typhoon keyboard and mouse at Lidl...........

It's still being advertised at around £23 by some of the online retailers but, in view of your last posting, that's all academic now.

In any case the MS products are of first class quality - it could just even be that they are manufactured for MS by A4Tech....:-)

  georgemac 10:03 23 Feb 2004

I also thought - if the reciever should ever fail on a set - both items are then u/s, or if the mouse or keyboard failed, rather than have 2 recievers both would need to be repalced at once.

I may end up getting an extension cable for the keyboard, although my MS one has quite a long cable, and with wired keyboard I thought there would be less chance of "missed letters".

If Lidl had the Typhoon bundle on Saturday though I would have bought it.

I cannot believe that lowest on web can supply an MS internet keyboard for £9 including delivery and make a profit? so we shall see how the order progresses.

They may be taking at hit building a customer database? and then probably introduce a minimum order level for free postage?

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