A true comparison between AMD and Intel CPUs

  TOPCAT® 16:11 20 Apr 2005

Tom's Hardware reckon they've now got the true answers to end all further disputed claims. TC.

The Tom's Hardware Guide CPU Charts will only be up for a few weeks!


"It's finally here - a true performance comparison between AMD and Intel processors. This will allow ambitious users as well as OEM partners and especially dealers to compare their systems with our reference values. What's special about this is a feature that it lets you directly compare two different CPUs of your choice.

Simply select the desired models and a benchmark, and the appropriate chart appears. The two CPUs are displayed in the diagrams as specially marked red bars.

Shown at the very bottom is also some important additional information: the absolute and relative difference between the two models. If you click on any of the bars on the chart, a pop-up window appears with data about that particular test configuration we used."

click here

  Pooke100 16:22 20 Apr 2005

I don't believe that an athlon XP 3000+ or 2800+ can out perform an athlon XP 3200+

How is this possible? or have i read the table wrongly?

  Rayuk 17:14 20 Apr 2005

Did you compare the 3000 64bit by mistake?

  Pooke100 17:36 20 Apr 2005

embarrassed now. :(

Mustn't have concentrating properly, I'll get my eyes checked too.


  Totally-braindead 17:49 20 Apr 2005

Very interesting just had a look at an Athlon 64 3000 vs Intel 3.0 running PC Mark 2004 and the top of the charts is dominated by the Intel chip, the Intel 3 easily beat the AMD 3000. The problem I have with looking at this is it depends what you benchmark it with and how do you interpret the results, do you check all the different benchmarks listed or do you pick say the Farcry one if you're a gamer? Its interesting but confusing.

  bremner 17:50 20 Apr 2005

Great reference source - Thanks TC

  garrema 20:12 20 Apr 2005

Brilliant isn't it. Those guys at THG do real basic comparisons with all sorts of components, one after the other, the other... It must take weeks and other than the final results which are really well laid out must be really quite boring to actually undertake. I will save this link

  Bleep 20:55 20 Apr 2005

Think that it shows that unless your a gamer or multimedia creator there is so little between the chips.

Me I'm a gamer and an OverClocker so i'm AMD64 3500 @ 2.5ghz (oc) all the way, for dreaweaver and everything else I do it does amazing for that also.

  Bleep 20:58 20 Apr 2005

Again Toms hardware has always been Intel Bias and all sites generally differ in their results click here

  2N8 21:32 20 Apr 2005

Don't lose sleep over a few benchmark points, folks! I'll plump for lower heat output and/or lower price any day of the week. Even a Wednesday.

  2N8 21:33 20 Apr 2005

...and for those who don't already know, that means Athlon XP.

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