True Broadband costs

  Retired Hurt 00:55 22 Sep 2005

I note with interest the number of companies offering BB at just under £20.00/month. Do subscribers then have to,additionally,pay BT for the line rental, or is that included in the quoted price? Since use of a BT line costs around a tenner, this could make quite a difference to your monthly bill

  plsndrs3 08:20 22 Sep 2005

Yes, you tend to pay one cost for Broadband and another for the use of the phone line. Some ISPs have packages that come with Broadband + phone line included [Telewest Broadband, for example] but these are rarely below £30.



  jack 08:39 22 Sep 2005

True unless you are a cable subscriber -TeleWest NTL you pay line rental to BT plus call/connections costs to which ever supplier gives you call or broad band - Even BT I assume charge you connection/line package plus BB plus calls at some level.

  spuds 09:55 22 Sep 2005

A further additional cost would result in a 'capped' service, with an extra charge on top of the normal package fee for anything over the capped rate. Of late a number of ISP's are uncapping their services, but it always best to check before you start downloading masses of programmes etc.

  Stuartli 09:57 22 Sep 2005

If you, like the vast majority of people still, have a BT line then the only additional expense is the £14.99 or a bit more paid to the ISP for the broadband service.

Even if you get one of the Anytime or other phone packages from One.Tel and similar companies, you still have to have a phone line and pay rental on it, whether to BT or by switching this cost to One.Tel or equivalent company.

  Stuartli 10:00 22 Sep 2005

Above should read that if you have a BT line (on which you will/should already be paying line rental) then the extra expense is the £14.99 or a bit more being paid to an ISP for the broadband service.

  Retired Hurt 23:09 23 Sep 2005

Thanks, everyone... it appears that BT are not that different in price than the others when you take into account all the costs

  Stuartli 23:28 23 Sep 2005

BT charges line rental for the use of its lines to individuals - it's not going to let you use them for free...:-)

There's many years of building up an infrastructure and keeping it in full working order to take into account.

Even so, it still doesn't explain the strange situation whereby BT actually charges the same or even more for its broadband services than the ISPs to which it supplies the means to provide such a service.

  harps1h 06:50 24 Sep 2005

possibly because ofcom would have something to say on it

  Retired Hurt 09:49 24 Sep 2005

Stuartli - Yes, of course one pays for the BT line usage, that's understood and reasonable. I suppose I was naively imagining that other companies might quote a price which included this sum to give the actual outlay the customer pays to get online. Otherwise its a bit like 'batteries not included'

  oresome 16:56 24 Sep 2005

I believe BT's competitors are pressing for the ability to rent the local loop wholesale from BT and then pass on the cost to the customer in the form of one bill. One of the stumbling blocks was the third parties ability to undertake fault diagnosis on the local loop, (according to BT........third parties don't consider this an issue)

This would make sense for the customer who has both phone calls and BB via a third party. No doubt there will be a number of innovative ways of recovering the line rental other than the flat monthly sum paid to BT with other charges to the third party.

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