The Trouble with DELL

  GrannyFi 14:45 26 Nov 2004

I thought you should be aware that all is not well with DELL. I ordered a Dimension 8400 package in their 'sale' on 24th October, paying by Visa. The money was taken from our account on 28th October. Dell intimated that expected delivery around 27th, and we received email and telephone call to say it would be delivered on 29th. IT WASN'T. I then spent the weekend trying to get hold of someone from Dell or Walsh Western, their delivery company. NO JOY. On Monday 27, sent emails and more phone calls. Email back asking when I'd now like delivery - my response - tomorrow would be convenient. NO RESPONSE. More chasing to DELI DELL eventually promised special 'timed' delivery pre-10.30 am on 4th November. What happened? You've guessed - waited in all day - and still NO DELIVERY. At this point our patience snapped and we phoned, emailed and faxed every one we could to say we cancelled the order and wanted our money back. IT IS NOW THE 22ND NOVEMBER, A MONTH SINCE OUR INITIAL ORDER, AND WE NO COMPUTER AND NO REFUND. Lots of promises that it is on its way, but we now have to pay the Visa bill, and have nothing to show for it. Our advice - DON'T BY DELL!!! TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY -OUR PHONE BILL IS SOME £17 THE WORSE FOR DIALLING VARIOUS DELL 0870 NUMBERS.


  Vague Boy 15:51 26 Nov 2004

I've found that upgrading a Dell machine online (more RAM, bigger hard drive, etc.) costs a bomb compared to the price of similar items bought seperately.

An extra £94 to move from 256 to 512 RAM?

  Vague Boy 15:51 26 Nov 2004

I've found that upgrading a Dell machine online (more RAM, bigger hard drive, etc.) costs a bomb compared to the price of similar items bought seperately.

An extra £94 to move from 256 to 512 RAM?

  TomJerry 16:25 26 Nov 2004

company to get refund because the good order is not delivered in a number of promised dates. The credit card company is jointly responsible if I understand correctly

  ened 18:07 26 Nov 2004

I was told off by FE for mentioning that I had problems identical to yours a few years ago, yet it seems nothing has changed.
As people have mentioned on this forum Dell are only really interested in looking after their corporate accounts.
Woe betide any individual if something goes wrong because they do not care, and when you do get through to someone you are just passed around the office by some very aweet sounding Irish girls who promise they will take care of it and never do.
Sorry about the rant but I feel that warnings about companies like this should not be stifled.

  Modo 18:49 26 Nov 2004

We've ordered twice and ended up cancelling for exactly the same reason.

First time we bought a Mesh with an Intel processor and it has been the best computer we've ever had.

We ordered a laptop on New Years Eve last year on the website to find that they hadn't even processed the order on the day it was due to be delivered. We went down to Gultronics and haggled a bit, and came out with a Tosh SatPro M30 1.7 for about a £100 more, but with a bigger screen, 2x the size hard drive and the fantastic Ms OneNote.

We still looked again in the last few weeks because we needed something to burn and edit DVD's - it worked out better value to buy another machine than to upgrade to a faster drive + RAM + hard disc capacity.

This really confirmed what people have said earlier in the thread.The basic machine as advertised is good value. But inevitably it comes with too little RAM, a small hard drive and a string of other things that need adding on their "configurator"

Look at how much they charge for sound cards, memory increases etc etc. It would be miles cheaper to buy them and fit them yourself.

  Class57 19:09 26 Nov 2004

Also great difficulty in problem solving - Customer service in India - They cannot even find correct Knowledge Base info
I have also expended considerable money o 0870 numbers ti 'nice' INDIAN ladies
I am about to get very annoyed & considering local trading standards

  GrannyFi 19:49 26 Nov 2004

Thanks for responses. We have gone on to our Visa card to expedite the refund, but they seem to be having difficulty in getting hold of the slippery eels too. We were hoping for a refund to be insitu before getting the Visa Bill. I thought Visa might credit our account and then reclaim it back, but that hasn't happened as yet.

May be a jolt from WATCHDOG?

Isn't it fraudulent to take money for no goods?

I'm sorry to hear complaints such as this are stifled. I would have thought that this is just the sort of information organisations such as PC Advisor would welcome? Or am I too naieve?


  sarg3 19:50 26 Nov 2004

HHmm strange,,, ive bought 5 dell computers so far.. glad to say never had a problem with them.
sorry to hear that your not having the same service.
3 machines have been personal, 2 for buisness

  Modo 19:56 26 Nov 2004

We should all rebel against this 0870 scam now that BT has imposed option 1, 2 & 3 on us.

We have written to all our suppliers and told them we will only deal with them on normal geographical numbers. Even PC World Buisness gave in A guy at Tottenham Court Road has effectively become our personal contact - and he's worth every bit of commission he gets! He just smiles everytime we tell him the price at John Lewis and matches the price as they promise - another scam but that's a different story.

We have blocked use of 0845, 0870 and all premium numbers.

Try this site.

click here

Somebody who has got even more fed up with this rip off than me.

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