Transfer U.S. video onto dvd?help...

  moby58 10:37 25 May 2006

ive got a usa video which id like to transfer onto dvd.ive got a dvd recorder,whch is connected thru the tv..but it wont recognise the video[i can do uk ones no problem]...any ideas? orcompanys that offer the service?thanks...

  €dstowe 11:22 25 May 2006

NTSC video tapes require a VCR with a NTSC to PAL converter. This is different to the facility common on most modern VCRs which will carry out a "pseudo-conversion" to PAL.

Converters were obtainable from AIWA and some other makers but the easiest thing if you only have one or two tapes to do is go to a professional firm. You can find the names of places that will do it in the ads at the back of appropriate technical magazines.

  pj123 12:03 25 May 2006

You could give this place a try:

click here

But if the video you have is "copyright" they won't do it.

  rodriguez 15:15 25 May 2006

Converting between PAL and NTSC can be a pain because not only is the colour format different, the frame rate and frame size are also different. PAL uses 25 fps and NTSC uses 29.9 fps, also NTSC has a narrower frame size than PAL. You probably noticed that as well as being in black & white, your USA video would try and play at the wrong speed in the UK machine.

Firstly you'll need a machine that can play NTSC tapes. Under the VHS logo on the machine you'll see it says PAL in small letters and if it says NTSC under it as well then your machine can play them, but you need a TV that can display an NTSC picture - and most don't. You can get a little box that goes between the machine and the TV or DVD recorder that can convert it into a PAL signal. If you click here and scroll down the page, you'll see a set top box that will do the job.

If you can't do any of the above, then you'll need to send it into a professional firm to get it done.

  moby58 18:38 25 May 2006

my video plays both uk and usa tapes...the dvd recorder can record uk tapes...but not the usa video player is ok with both.think i will just try a proffesional firm.its not copyrighted stuff...

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