transfer PC to CD/DVD/memory stick.

  alibob1526 18:14 24 Sep 2011

I wish to reformat my laptop, but I have emails I would like to save, some from grandchildren and one or two others. is it possible to transfer to a CD or DVD or memory stick. Or perhaps someone knows how to save emails somewhere & get them back after reformatting?

  proudfoot 20:15 24 Sep 2011

The easiest way is to plug a memory stick into a USB and copy and paste the email Store Folder to the stick.

  alibob1526 13:00 25 Sep 2011

I tried highlighting the emails but could not copy. Could you please elaborate on how to copy/paste emails to a memory stick? Thanks for reply.

  proudfoot 13:32 25 Sep 2011

You need to go into your email store folder click Options/Advance /Maintainance and it will show the location of your store folder. Don't click anything just close then go into Computer and find your store folder Copy and paste content on to your stick.

  alibob1526 07:44 30 Sep 2011

Thank's romanby 1, but I will need more info Please. At the moment ,down the left of hotmail emails is a list, as follows.- inbox,folders,junk,drafts,sent,deleted,new folder,quick view,flags,photo,office docs,messenger,home,contacts,calender. I cannot find the options/advance/maintanance bit anywhere. Sorry to be so thick, must be age factor.

  BT 08:41 30 Sep 2011

How to Save and restore your Emails and address book

Copy Mail Files to a Backup Folder

To make a backup copy of your Outlook Express e-mail message files:

On the Tools menu, click Options.

On the Maintenance tab, click Store Folder.

Select the folder location, and then press CTRL+C to copy the location.

Click Cancel, and then click Cancel again to close the dialog box.

Click Start, and then click Run.

In the Open box, press CTRL+V, and then click OK.

On the Edit menu, click Select All.

On the Edit menu, click Copy, and then close the window.

Right-click any empty space on your desktop, click New, and then click Folder.

Type mail backup for the folder name, and then press ENTER.

Double-click the Mail Backup folder to open it. .

On the Edit menu, click Paste.

Close the Mail Backup window.

Export Your Outlook Express Address Book

On the File menu, click Export, and then click Address Book.

Click Text File (Comma Separated Values), and then click Export.

Click Browse.

Locate the Mail Backup folder that you created.

In the File Name box, type address book backup, and then click Save.

Click Next,

Click to select the check boxes for the fields that you want to export, and then click Finish.

Click OK and then click Close.

  BT 08:43 30 Sep 2011

Obviously where it says to create a folder on your desktop you should do this onto your USB stick instead.

  alibob1526 08:19 01 Oct 2011

Thank you BT for detailed instructions, I will try your suggestions later. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks.

  onthelimit1 11:29 01 Oct 2011

BT - he said nothing about OE, but mentioned in later post that he uses Hotmail. If that is the case, is not everything stored on the server rather than the PC?

  Woolwell 13:27 01 Oct 2011

The e-mail client, if there is one, hasn't been established. The list of folders doesn't seem like OE.

To provide instructions to back up e-mails it is essential to know how the e-mails are viewed eg Windows Live Hotmail, OE, Outlook, Windows Live Mail or webmail.

  onthelimit1 13:37 01 Oct 2011

He did say at 7.44

'down the left of Hotmail emails....', so I assumed Hotmail is the client?

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