Tranquilpc, the worst experience in my life in pc world

  guidom 19:36 17 Oct 2012

First of all sorry for my english. I bought and paid for a tranquilpc server at the end of May, I'm still waiting and 19 weeks have passed. Every so often a certain Liz answered my email and shows me a ship date which is not ever respected. It 'a nightmare, I have never experienced a similar situation. Stay away from tranquilpc, do not make my mistake. I have no idea how to fix this, except wait and hope again.

Thank you. Guido

  Nontek 19:54 17 Oct 2012

Welcome to the Forum ...

I have contacted Tranquil PC on your behalf - I hope my effort proves fruitful for you.

Let us know if you get any results!

  Forum Editor 22:29 17 Oct 2012


"I have contacted Tranquil PC on your behalf"

Really? Do you know something I don't? Do you have any details concerning this matter, or know who this person is?

  Nontek 22:39 17 Oct 2012

I am aware about the firm and Liz, but no I don't know this person, I am just trying to help a stranger - anything wrong in that!

I thought that is what this forum is about.

  Forum Editor 22:50 17 Oct 2012


Calm down, I didn't suggest there was anything wrong with what you've done. You didn't explain anything, that's all, and I wondered how you were setting about this without knowing any of the details, or who the customer is.

That's why I asked the perfectly reasonable question "Do you know something I don't?"

The company appears to have contravened Consumer legislation by not delivering the item within the 30 day period allowed - unless the customer agreed to a later delivery. You have no way of knowing if that's the case, or what the circumstances are. It's always best to ask the person who came here for help for that kind of information before contacting a supplier on someone else's behalf.

If you know the company, or an individual there personally it may help, but let's get the facts first.

  Forum Editor 22:56 17 Oct 2012


Can you tell us - were you given a delivery forecast when you ordered this server? The company should have provided you with an order acknowledgement that contained a delivery forecast.

Did the supplier contact you at any time and ask if you would agree to wait for longer than originally stated?

A nineteen week wait for something you have paid for is totally unacceptable, unless you agreed to wait that long. By law you are now entitled to ask for a full refund, unless you're prepared to wait. If you want a refund you should contact the company by email and tell them. They must refund your card account within 30 days of the date of your request.

If you are prepared to wait you should ask for a firm delivery promise.

  Nontek 23:00 17 Oct 2012

Surely the OP has given enough details - or at least I think so - I don't imagine for one moment that he or she is being untruthful.

  Forum Editor 23:11 17 Oct 2012


Don't be silly, who mentioned anything about being untruthful? This is a help forum, not a place for verbal fencing matches.

  guidom 23:54 17 Oct 2012

First of all thank you for your help.

I try to write in english but it is difficult to me.

I placed my order 31 may 2012, the order number is #21701, my credit card was charged immediately by sagepay.

I waited few days and then I started to ask for news; after some email I had that answer on 28-6-2012:

*Hello Guido,

I have spoken to our production manager and he has informed me that you order is scheduled to be dispatched around the 2nd to 3rd week of July. I would like to apologise for the delay in dispatch but reassure you that we are doing everything we can to dispatch all orders at the earliest possible date.

Kind regards Liz*

After that I waited again but nothing happens so that I started to ask again.

On 10-7-2012 I had that answer in the "tranquilpc account inbox":

*Re: News #2 10th Jul 2012 @ 11:38 AM Tranquil PC Limited Store Said: Hello Guido, I have spoken to our production manger and he has informed me that your order is in the batch that is scheduled to be dispatched next week or at the latest the week after. As soon as I have a more difinative date I will be in touch. I would like to thank you for your patience. Kind regards*

I have I Tranquilpc since 2008 and that pc is a good pc, so I did a huge mistake and I waited again until late august when I started to write again and after many email, also to Martin Smallshaw tranquil pc sales specialist, I had another answer on 22-8-2012:

*Hello Guido,

I have requested for information from our production manager. I can see that your order is in the next batch of orders to be worked on at this moment in time I am still waiting for the exact date these will be dispatched. From the looks of the production plan I would expect early September. As soon as I have received confirmation of the exact date I will be in touch. Kind regards Liz Tel: 0845 555 7788 Int Tel: +44 (0)161 402 3036 Fax: +44 (0)161 848 0665*

I harshly criticized their behavior in another mail and they send me that answer on 22-8-2012:

*Hello Guido,

I am sorry about the delays you have encountered. Unfortunately due to the large order numbers we have been receiving this has caused backlogs we are working very hard to clear all of our backlogs and bring our lead time down. As I have said I am waiting for this to be confirmed by our production manager as soon as it has been I will be in touch. I am sorry for the experience that you have had but would like to reassure you this is not a normal situation. During this period we have invested in more machinery to help us work through the backlog. Kind regards Liz*

I always hope for the best and I still wait, but in October I start asking again but this time no answer, nothing.

Here the story, I hope my English is clear enough.

Thank you again.


  HondaMan 08:18 18 Oct 2012


Cancel the order and shop elsewhere!

  Nontek 09:14 18 Oct 2012


Guido has already paid for the item, no mention of any refund action from TranquilPC.

Have you tried asking for a full refund?

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