Toys for Uni!

  wallbash 11:05 12 Nov 2006

Daughter is 18 early next year, will be off to university in Sept.

On shopping list

Tv, laptop , dvd recorder

Was thinking of buying the tv for xmas, dvd for Birthday AND BUYING LAPTOP LATE NEXT SUMMER.

Prices wont be cheaper but will/may get more for the cash.

( dont remind me about insurance and tv licence ....... more money)

But should i be just looking for a laptop with a tv card etc ????

Or a new daughter!

  philly73 11:17 12 Nov 2006

Do you have a price range or limit ?

  DrScott 11:45 12 Nov 2006

by next summer most laptops will come with a TV card - it's to do with Viiv and Vista. TBH I'd start thinking about a laptop about a month before you want to buy it - technology changes so fast it's not really worth worrying about it this early on :o)

  Strawballs 12:18 12 Nov 2006

If the Laptop has a TV card in could it not double up as the DVD recorder as well?

  wallbash 12:20 12 Nov 2006

price range or limit ?

Looking at value for money. sorry to be vague.

As I said , did want to buy in the summer, but as Birthday is in January , would have problems, or would need a good reason for the Birthday girl to just get a note saying Happy Birthday, your present arrives in August !

  wallbash 12:22 12 Nov 2006

Strawballs, thats the question

Is it three seperate 'boxes'
TV/dvd/ Lap or one more expensive Laptop

  DrScott 13:56 12 Nov 2006

3 boxes will each perform better than all combined in one.

  wallbash 14:31 12 Nov 2006

Not a fan of all-in- ones myself, but have to weigh that against a very small room in a house of residence.

  sidecar sid 14:36 12 Nov 2006

Assuming your daughters room has a wall socket for a TV ariel.Then a Laptop and a feeveiw receiver such as click here will do te job and save you a bundle.

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