Touch Screen TFT?..

  BaboonBoy22 10:36 08 Feb 2006

Does anyone have or has used a touch screen TFT on there PC. I'm considering getting one (would be a pretty cool item to add to my setup), but just wondering if it's going to be worth it. I've seen them for around £200-£400.
Would appreciate your views.

  rmcqua 10:43 08 Feb 2006

Not quite, but I use an interactive, touch sensitive whiteboard linked to a laptop every day. Same principle and very addictive!

  Simsy 15:36 08 Feb 2006

have a need to use them...

They are not big, only about 15", (or possibly 14"). There about 30 that are in regular, constant daily use. They all only run a single application, written specifically for our work, and running on Windows 95. The PCs run 24/7. This has been the case since we moved to the building in question in 1998.

I am not aware that any of the screens has had to be replaced, so the technology is obviously reliable, or at least was in the late 90's!!

The only problem that I am aware of is that some of them are prone to misalignment, the whole display moving up to about 1.5 cm either to the left or right. The models we have can't be manually adjusted using left/right controls, like an ordinary monitor, and our engineers have to use some special resetting kit to put it right.

Something you may want to consider is RSI. depending on the use you're going to make of it, this could become an issue. With our use it isn't. We just "press" buttons on the screen, anything from only 5 up to 60 presses or so an hour. We do not have to do any "dragging"

Good luck,



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