Toucan vs Sky

  JoE. 16:35 23 Jun 2007

Hi, been on Toucan 2Mbps at £14.99/month for over a year now, and for most of that the service has been pretty shoddy, barely beating dial-up speeds most of the time. I've seen the Sky 2 mixes, free evenings & weekend calls and 8Mbps broadband with a 40GB limit for £5 more overall, but money's very tight for my mum, and technology scares her..

Is the Sky deal any good, and what can I say that will mean she can't refuse? :)

  Stuartli 20:19 23 Jun 2007

Toucan is (or at least used to be) a Virtual ISP i.e. providing a broadband service through a main ISP. In Toucan's case it's supplied by Tiscali.

Have a look at TalkTalk's International3 package which includes AnyTime local, 01 and 02 phone calls; similar AnyTime free calls to 30 different countries; the BT line rental of £11 a month and free broadband.

Cost is £20.99 a month. See:

click here

Includes a 30 day trial period.

The current prices have altered very slightly in one or two instances and it's slightly cheaper now than my contract.

sky package is great as it allows you take any of its 3 packages the cheapest being £26 with sky,BB & telephone

  JoE. 18:59 19 Jul 2007

Stuartli - Yes I'm aware that Toucan is supplied by Tiscali, hence the need to change, as it's awful :P

I was really looking for people with recent experience of Sky, 'cause I've seen some stuff from six months ago which was a little offputting and I wanted to know if it had improved since.

The inclusion of TV was what's attracting me to Sky, esp Sky One.

owise14u - That's not what I meant by 'Is the Sky deal any good', I'm aware it's good value. Besides, isn't the cheapest £15 - 2 TV mixes, 2 Meg BB and phone?

Anyway, feedback much appreciate. :)

  bruno 20:07 19 Jul 2007

I have had the Sky medium package since last September and after inital trouble for the first month it has been excellent,and very economical.

  Cactiphile 12:18 20 Nov 2007

If you've had problems with Toucan,
please let us know on our website about them.

click here


  xania 15:35 20 Nov 2007

Probelm with Sky, as I suppose with most, is that their technical support is very limited technically. If all you want is the basic then you should be OK, but don't try using Outlook Express and having more than one e-mail account - that just about floors them!!

  bruno 17:35 20 Nov 2007

Their technical help depends on a bit of luck.I kept getting a lot of useless help from various male "engineers".Then I was put through to an 18 year old girl from Shepton Mallet who spent a long time on line with me,tuning my signal and reducing the noise.She reduced my speeds until there were no drop outs and I have not had a minutes problem since.I did not have any problems with Outlook Express in spite of having five e mail addresses.I have since changed to Windows Live Mail which is really good.

  xania 08:39 21 Nov 2007

As you say, you have to be lucky. Unfortunately, decent staff don't stay long.

  birdface 12:50 21 Nov 2007

Tell your Mum it is less than £1.25 a week and for that she gets free evening and weekend calls.How can she resist.

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