Totaly free ISP

  he he :-) 22:24 01 Mar 2003

I know it sounds unlikely but is there a totaly free ISP that doesn't charge local rate for dialup internet access?
Thanks, Adrian

  powerless 22:30 01 Mar 2003

Dial up eh?

Why not register here and who knows; you just might...

click here

  he he :-) 22:39 01 Mar 2003

I have already registered for that i want somat avalible now.

  beeuuem 22:58 01 Mar 2003

From FReeBB
"we need only 0.15% of the UK online population to register an interest."
Online populations
UK: 28.0 million

That's 420,000 people, you could be waiting for a while!

  beeuuem 23:04 01 Mar 2003

Oops- never did get the hang of these decimal things, 42,000 looks more like it. And that is only half of the forum membership.

  he he :-) 23:20 01 Mar 2003

yep a very long time tick...tock...tick...tock...

  DieSse 00:23 02 Mar 2003

Do you really think anybody who doesn't charge anything at all, and pays for your 'phone calls, has enough business sense to be around for any serious amount of time.

  he he :-) 00:27 02 Mar 2003

I know that but I just thought i'd try my luck

  davidg_richmond 00:31 02 Mar 2003

every other ISP who has tried to offer rediculous 'too good to be true' offers has failed (with the exception of the pioneering FreeServe) so i really doubt this kind of thing will take off. it all relies on advertising revenue, and this is a very fickle and risky business. the latest interpretation of this is the company that wishes to offer freeview digiboxes for 1/4 the price as it sends users adverts through the handset. advertisers always look for new avenues to explore but pull out when it finds they aren't worth the investment.

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