Toshiba Laptops - reliable, good quality??

  jeanw 22:04 25 Mar 2011

I need to get a new laptop, PC World have a toshiba ATH4G on sale for 479 euro for 4GB memory, 640GB hard drive, dual core 2.3 ghz . I am a technophobe and this means nothing to me.... can anyone advice if this is a good deal? My current laptop is a dell and I had been told by a colleague that dell or HP were best laptops to buy but PC world rep said Toshiba was most reliable, good quality..?? I need the laptop for storing photos and clips from my camcorder, web including watching real player. My budget would be around 500 euro, could go to 650 at a push. can anyone please offer some advice as I need to buy ASAP.

  rdave13 22:15 25 Mar 2011

Toshiba 2.5" hdd's are built in some obscure island.
Dell or HP for me from now on.
Well,..... HP only for a laptop.

  AL47 14:24 26 Mar 2011

The only 2 hdds ive had fail are toshiba ones
I've only had 2 toshiba hard drives!

If that represents their other stuff not for me

  tullie 19:07 26 Mar 2011

Never had a problem with Toshiba

  robin_x 23:06 26 Mar 2011

Re-post in Helproom, you'll get more replies.

click here

Personally I would recommend many sub £400 laptops for your needs (no high end games).
Video conversion/editing can need more power. But if you do a lot of that you will know.

I like my Compaq CQ61 (18 months old)
3GB RAM/Samsung 250GB HDD/AMD Athlon II Dual Core 2GHz/15.6" screen/numeric keypad on right of keyboard.

I have had other Compaqs (HP) (Home and Work over the years). No problems except this one, the fan stuck after a few months. Since I had already voided the Warranty by breaking the screen and replacing, I fixed the fan myself.

But if a technophobe I would not recommend that.

I only hope it is not indicative of a change to
their build quality/sub-contractors.

I would suggest 4GB is not absolutely essential for you, 3GB is OK unless price difference is not much.

320GB or 500GB should be standard now not 250GB.
Especially if you have lots of videos.
Also, an external 1TB or 2TB drive is essential I would say, if you don't have one.

Compromise a on laptop if it pushes budget.
You can backup/recover from catastrophe easily too.

PC World used to offer £30 discount at one time for laptops without included Anti Virus.

Worth considering. Plenty of free ones available.

I bought mine for £379, as I say 18 months ago, from Currys and got a free '£50' Kodak photoframe included in an offer. WHich was great since I have always wanted one.

Used for a few weeks with several hundred jpgs on it. Now we don't bother.

If you are all XP, then upgrading will give W7.
For which Vista/W7 drivers are needed.

Check if your printer/modem/router/essential software will work.

  morddwyd 08:55 27 Mar 2011

My wife's Toshiba packed up after 14 months.

Quote was £139 just for parts (hard disk).

Use to think they were the business for laptops, but not now.

(We put the £139 towards a new Samsung)

  Forum Editor 09:57 27 Mar 2011

Please don't follow that advice - this is the correct forum area for your question, and duplicate threads on the same subject are confusing, they'll be deleted.

As far as Toshiba goes, I'm a big fan. I've had several Toshiba laptops, in fact I have one at the moment, and have found them to be generally well-built and very reliable.

  robin_x 11:05 27 Mar 2011


  Forum Editor 13:18 27 Mar 2011

No need to apologise, I know you were just trying to be helpful.

  Woolwell 13:49 27 Mar 2011

Interesting series of posts. I have found Toshiba laptops to be very reliable. However I think that you may be able to get better value for money with a different brand. If you look through the threads you will see a number of complaints about HP and Compaq (both made by HP) about graphics problems, hinges, etc. You will also see complaints about Acer and Dell. But it is a fact of forums that you rarely see the good stories. Very few posts about Samsung but perhaps they sell less (not sure about that).

Have a look around and post links to those you are considering and people should be able to advise whether it is a good deal or not.

rdave13's obscure island may well be Taiwan which isn't that obscure and where many electronic components are made and where the Dell and HP discs may also come from.

  Forum Editor 14:20 27 Mar 2011

The Taiwan elecronics industry is one of the most advanced on the planet, and boasts the world's two leading semi-conductor manufacturers.

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