TOSHIBA 2410-601- is it a good price for £999

  Giggsy252 10:00 14 Apr 2003

I just saw on the Dixons website and they are cyrrently advertising a Toshiba laptop for £999.

The specs are, P4 1.9ghz Mobile chip, 256 Ram (not sure if DDR) 30 gig, 32 mb Geforce 4 graphics card. DVD/CDRW, 15TFT, and up 2.7 hours of battery life, 1 firewire port.

What do you people think of this Dixons deal, any views would be appreicated?


  Lú-tzé 11:18 14 Apr 2003

It sounds like a good price at first glance - Toshiba machines are generally reliable in my experience and keep on going.

I have one which cost £1400 about 4 years ago (Cel. 366, 12.1 tft, cd-rom, Win98) and it still does the job for me (although, it functions only as a little used WordProcessor at the moment - when / if I have any library research to do).

My point is that it has put up with a lot of abuse in its life and has stood up to it quite well.

Have a look at Dell also - they often have good deals available. And have a look on for the memory - if you know the model number of the machine you will be able to find out what type of RAM it takes, and th maximum possible.

  Giggsy252 17:51 16 Apr 2003

just found out that it is DDR Ram, any more views would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:37 16 Apr 2003

It is an excellent buy and a triple good spec....many business people use Toshibas. It is advisable to decline the 3/5 year warranty that you will be offered and also decline the MacAfee anti-virus/firewall for £ can get free ones from the Net(AVG and Outpost are just two of the many.)


  davidg_richmond 01:45 17 Apr 2003

Gandalf - not being biased or anything but it is up to the user to decide about the warranty - its reasonably priced when you think about the cost of home insurance + manufacturers guarantee extension! and think about all the freebies us salesmen chuck in when you barter for it.....!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:44 17 Apr 2003

You may like to read up on the current consumer law regarding the purchase of electrical goods and the life expectancy of said items. Most people have home insurance that will cover damage etc., the goods are guaranteed for 1 year by law and the new ruling states that goods must last for a reasonable period, aka more than a year, and electrical goods simply rarely break down. If, say a laptop, has a fault within 3 years then the law clearly states that the shop or manufacturer has to sort it out PDQ. Why warranties that can jack up the price by 30%, one may ask?

There seems little support for extended warranties from the press. click here Office of Fair Trading seem less than impressed as well. The BBC (watchdog) take a similar line at click here
and click here. The OFT report on extended warranties is out
on July 1st. so one assumes your commission is due to dive from then. ;-)

Ipso facto, I still stand by my original statement and actively dissuade anyone from taking out warranties when there are cheaper options about and they might be covered in any case through house insurance.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:59 17 Apr 2003

'it is up to the user to decide about the warranty'..utter rubbish. If it was a level playing field, yes. I use PCW a lot and the sales bunch NEVER mention the current law that electrical goods are covered for more than a year.

' its reasonably priced when you think about the cost of home insurance + manufacturers guarantee extension'../me gasps,They NEVER mention that you have already paid for household insurance and that it usually INCLUDES accidental damage. You can extend the cover to include breakdowns very cheaply. the staff either rely on people being financially gullible or the staff are totally clueless. You do not now need manufacturers' extensions as breakdowns are covered by the law.

' think about all the freebies us salesmen chuck in when you barter for it'....cobblers...I spend shed loads at PCW and get naff all freebies. I always ask but the standard reply is../me adopts drone-like voice/...'our prices are as cheap as we can make them'.

I get the sneaking suspicion that you work for PCW....consumer rights and law are not high priority in the staff training manual then?


  Ben Chuud 05:51 24 Apr 2003

I think this may be better... Any comments

click here

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